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Full moon is coming up!

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On the 18th! And I have decided that this weekend will be a great time to have a moonlit birth!


DD2 was born two days before the full moon, which means that I am predicting that my little baby will be born tomorrow! Come on sweetie, do you hear me???

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my 1st was also born 2 days before a full moon...here's hoping!!!  been in early labor for 3 weeks now...

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DD was born on the new moon... but I really don't want to wait until May 3 (the next new moon!). I've been feeling like he will be born on the 17th - I'll be 38w4d ,and I can't imagine walking around as dilated and effaced as I am until May 3, though I know it's possible. I was around the same dilation and effacement at the same point with my pregnancy with DD and went into labor with her at 39 weeks so I'm hoping the full moon (supposed to be another supermoon!) will work its magic!


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Neither of mine were born near the full moon, but seeing that I'm having early labor/prelabor signs right now,  am very hopeful that this one will be. The sooner the better. All this cramping and random contracting, and the baby being so low is getting really old, really fast. *sigh*

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hope the full moon works its magic for you guys.  I had both of my dd's within 2 days of a full moon.  But this little guy came just before the new moon.  guess you never know. 

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i discussed this with my mw at my last appt. and she said that last month's super moon there were a ton of babies born that weekend. My edd is the 19th, we'll see if the moon will make this baby come on time and not late like her big bro, lol!

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LO seems to have dropped, but no contractions or other changes yet...hope the gravity from the Supermoon "pulls' this baby out!  So ready to have a baby in my arms instead of my belly!


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Here's hoping!


I'm only 39 weeks, but  I've been having "real" contractions every day for the last week. I really thought that labor was starting yesterday afternoon but then I took a nap and it all stopped. Boo.


I've got all the signs- increased discharge, nesty-ness, energy rebound, baby has settled LOA and dropped...anytime now!

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Did the full moon help anyone out? Didn't seem to get anything moving for me! haha

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Which full moon? Didn't even see it because of clouds. Silly moon betrayed me!

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full moon... fool moon.  stupid moon.  nothing happened here!

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who needs the moon anyways haha! I'll just be sitting here IMpatiently waitingwhistling.gif

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yeah I am still pregnant too, guess the moon doesn't hold much power over me hahahah!


40 weeks 1 day today, lol!

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I'm sorry to say that the gravitational forces that can move entire oceans have had noe effect whatsoever on my child.  Our babies are now officially Taurus, btw...  smile.gif

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Awe yay I didn't even realize that! My son will be a Taurus like his momma!

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well, no wonder the mo on didn't work, they are stubborn bulls... Dh is a taurus, born on april 25,maybe I will give him a birthday present this year...
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my DS is born on Sep 25th so I thought it would be really neat if baby came on the 25th of April =) only 5 days early I can hope!

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Hang in there, mamas! Our baby girl came yesterday after a wonderful home birth, and all I can say is: having your baby is So Worth The Wait!!! Easy for me to say now, I know, but I sincerely mean it: hang in there - the reward is amazing beyond words!


love to all the waiting ones from me (on quite a high by love hormones, as you can tell...) ;)

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