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Where to store laptop?

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I have a laptop computer that goes with me to work every day.  While I'm home, it usually stays on the dining room table, since we don't have an office and it doesn't fit in my secretary desk.  I can get by without charging it on days that I work, since the battery lasts 4-5 hours.  But on my off days, I have a cord from the wall to the computer on the table.  It's unsightly as well as a trip hazard for my DS.  


Where does your laptop "live"?  Any suggestions on where to stash it?

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I have one of those portable, rollable laptop desks. It "lives" in the living room next to one of the sofas - so it can be plugged in without the trip hazard, and I can also easily roll it over if I want to use the computer while sitting in on the sofa. Mine is sort of like this http://www.staples.com/Altra-Adjustable-Laptop-Cart/product_729375?cmArea=home_box1 , but I got mine way cheaper on clearance at CVS. It was something like $6 lol.gif
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I've never seen those before!  But my living room is at the perfect amount of furniture right now.  Any more would be visual clutter, you know?  And DS would LOVE to push that all over, so there's no way the computer would be able to stay on it!  Gotta love life with a super-busy toddler...

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I actually forgot that I didn't put the wheels on it for that very reason lol.gif. It's light enough for me to lift it. I have a second one (hey, when they're only 6 bucks, you have a good excuse to buy two!) upstairs in my bedroom that I left the wheels on. But I know what you mean about too much furniture.
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We have a specific chair it goes on. It's my husbands. This way I don't find it all over the house.

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I keep mine in a laptop case and when I want to use it, I take it out. The case sits right next to my school bag in the coat area so busy toddler hands can't get to it.


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Mine lives on our kitchen counter.  It's the only place that is high enough that my youngest can't get to it, but I can still use it and not have to be baby gated in a separate room.  It's also the only place where I can plug it in that he can't get to.  Most of the time I just stand and use it at the counter for things that are fast like checking the calendar, popping on facebook, skimming blogs, reading quick posts on here, and looking up recipes.  If I need to spend more time on it like sitting down to pay bills and whatnot I just unplug it and use it at the coffee table in the living room.  Which I usually have to do when the little one isn't around because he thinks it's hilarious to hit the power button or close the cover when I'm in the middle of something :)

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My kids are older (5 and 8). It plugs in behind the couch (I have 2 cords and that one stays plugged in, the other is at work). When I'm not using it my laptop is under the couch, pushed slightly back where no one will step on it.

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I work from home and store my laptop & laptop stand in the big section of my hutch. I have been very tempted to get rid of the hutch since it's a clutter-magnet for DH, but I do like that I can keep the laptop hidden in there... If I didn't have the stand to contend with as well, I would probably clear out a kitchen drawer/cabinet or a drawer of my dresser for it. Actually I probably could do that now that I think of it... the stand folds up... Hmmmmm....
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ours goes on top of our dresser (which is a high-boy) in order to charge. it works well for us to have it up there. And when we use it, it is in the bed or on the bench in the living room. :D

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I keep mine on top of the fridge. There's an outlet right there, so it can charge overnight. I just take it down when I use it in the mornings and sit at the kitchen table.  

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We have a couple laptops, and they live in an upright magazine basket in the living room. There's an outlet behind the basket so they can recharge.

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Originally Posted by NicaG View Post

We have a couple laptops, and they live in an upright magazine basket in the living room. There's an outlet behind the basket so they can recharge.

Oooh, great idea!!

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Ours in on a bottome shelf of a book case in our kitchen. The kitchen table is our "desk" and so we stash it on the bottome portion of a book shelf. It's a three shelf with a iron "3 inch shelf" on the bottom, perfect amount of space to slide in a lap top. We found it at AFW for just this purpose. Fortunately ds hasn't really discovered the fact that it's down there. He'd probably have a tough time pulling it out anyway.

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Reviving this thread to add my solution.  It only took me 18 months to finally figure it out...  eyesroll.gif  Since we now have two laptops (mine from work and our personal one), I had to find something that would work for both.  My solution that holds both computers and their chargers: a fabric-lined basket.  The basket lives underneath our secretary desk in the dining room, and it's pretty enough that it doesn't look like clutter.  It's super-easy to pull out the computers and put them away, which is essential because DH and I are both lazy about putting things away that we use often.  My laptop is FINALLY off the dining room table (which is completely clutter-free now, too!).

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