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Eggs every day?

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Help an undereducated mama out.  shy.gif  I tried looking this up, but all I'm getting is stuff from the Egg Board or some such thing, and I can't help but think that since they're the representatives of industry that they're simply out to get me to purchase their product.


Can I eat eggs every morning for breakfast as part of a healthy diet?


I'm finding that two scrambled eggs every morning is a good way to get started and, combined with fruit/milk, keeps me full until lunch.


Decades worth of "Eggs are bad!  Cholesterol!  NOOOOOO!"-type messages are ringing in my ears, but I can't help but think that if I'm trying to eat more naturally/less processed, that I'd do better to eat eggs than cereal and such.


Thoughts or references?


Thanks for any help!!

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I think it's okay.  Here's a source I found when I was wondering the same thing:


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I believe eggs are one of the most ideal foods in terms of the combination of nutrient density and purity.  We often eat them daily, generally 2-4 per person.  I do not believe that dietary cholesterol causes problems, or causes higher cholesterol via consumption.

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If you have high cholesterol already, I might be sparing in their use, but if not, go for it! I remember in home ec class way back in the day, we were taught eggs were the "perfect food," in that an egg contains some of almost everything -- they are created to sustain life, after all.

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 One of my favourite breakfasts is to serve a fried egg over some beans and salsa on a corn tortilla. Sometimes I grate a little cheddar on top and I always add a handful of chopped lettuce and cilantro. It only takes a couple of minutes to prepare since I alwys have some cooked beans on hand. I think the eggs are good and adding some vegetables and fibre just makes it better.


The only cereal I will start my day with is steel cut oats. I think eating a hugh carb breakfast sets me up to crave sugar all day long but I don't feel that way when I have lots of protein and fibre in the morning without juice.

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I eat eggs every day and so do my husband and kids. An EXCELLENT book on nutrition that will shake up your whole world is "Good Calories, Bad Calories" by Gary Taubes. He's a science writer, not a nutrition "guru" and his book is thoughtful and well researched. Anyway, he talks about eggs and the fallacy that eggs cause high cholesterol. 

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Great!  Thank you, everyone, for your thoughts.  :)



ETA:  Also, I appreciated the article.  That was really interesting.

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I wanted to add that there is a difference in the types of eats you can eat too.

I would run as fast as possible from most grocery store eggs (they are generally pretty old anyway) 

and try to find some local eggs. This isn't really hard anymore because so many people are doing the chicken

thing. My family is specifically for the eggs. We won't have to buy eggs anymore and a day old, pastured egg is delicious in ways the grocery store eggs will never be. Also better for you as I believe they are higher in the omegas etc that people love eggs for!


Check your local CL or something, you will surely find some local eggs nearer to you than you thought! The commercial egg industry is like a house of horrors, I don't want to get all preachy but the way the chickens are kept is often considered the worst in the whole mass animal production industry. You don't want to support that industry and you don't have to! There are lots of great places to get fresher, better eggs close to home!



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I second that.


I eat at least 2 eggs every day, but they are local & pastured.

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We raise chickens, so we are eating lots of eggs!  I also encourage you to find farm eggs if you can.  esp. this time of year, through the summer, the eggs are beautiful compared to what you'll find in the grocery store because the chickens are finding bugs, grass, small flowers.  The yolks are really outstanding.

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