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Its pretty much just colostrum around here now. Flavor changed on the left side first, then the right side. Now if I manage to express any I can tell its thicker/sticky. Kinda fun having an older nursling who kept me updated..lol. If I offered the left side to ds, he would be like, "no" and insist on the right side. Then dd nursed and was like, "that side's yucky" and then reported that the right side was normal!  Crazy. Would have thought they'd be the same. Once they were BOTH "yucky" ds quit having a preference and is perfectly happy with either one. dd, however, decided its just not worth it anymore..lol. Would rather have a cup of cow's milk. Fine with me, 4 years old, tandeming while pregnant.. sounds like an EXCELLENT time to wean! My only major gripe about the change to colostrum..well.. colostrum is a laxative :( I'm SOOO sick of changing poopy diapers! like, 3-5 a day!! Ugh!!!  I don't mind changing baby diapers but toddler diapers, I am not a fan! 

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My only major gripe about the change to colostrum..well.. colostrum is a laxative :( I'm SOOO sick of changing poopy diapers! like, 3-5 a day!! Ugh!!!  I don't mind changing baby diapers but toddler diapers, I am not a fan! 

I'm pretty sure I've seen actual milk still coming out of me, but I hear you on the poopy diapers!  We are part time ECing,  and were catching  most poops b/c it was so obvious when he was starting to poop.  But lately his poops have been so soft that they just come out without him working at all so I miss them all the time and they are so not fun to clean off of the cloth diapers!  UGH!

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My supply totally dropped at 8 weeks, and that's when it was most painful. I'm almost 14 weeks now, and I still have some pain, on and off. My DD has started to ask to nurse during the day again, so I'm thinking we are having another dip. She nurses pretty much constantly from 4:30am - 7:30 am. I'm actually hoping she weans soon, I've been getting that creepy crawly feeling already and I can't stand it. I wanted to wait until we were all done with the 1st trimester exhaustion before night weaning, because I know what a wakeful battle that will be. 

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Twelve and a half weeks and my milk is still there but barely.. He still nurses often but he isn't getting much of anything.. I'm hoping to nurse through but we'll see what happens.. :(

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11 weeks, and I'm still leaking. I've not stopped nursing since DD1 was born in 2005, so through two full term pregnancies so far. I am hoping this luck will continue through this pregnancy, especially since DD3 is only 13 months and the others were 18-21 months when I got pregnant. I would've been comfortable stopping at those ages. Not at 13 months, or even at 18 months anymore.

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Dry nursing was infuriating - not painful, but I got really awful creepy-crawly feelings and it made me so angry. It was unpleasant for both of us. I'm really hoping to avoid that this time, especially since my current nursling is so little still. 

I can totally relate to this feeling. It is really really horrible and I actually think I was becoming depressed because of it.  I know it sounds weird but I just got this really sad, awful feeling every time DS nursed and nothing came out.  The only other time I got that feeling was right after he was born.  His latch was bad so my milk took forever to come in.  Once he finally started latching well, it still took awhile to build my supply and I remember having that awful creepy crawly feeling when that was going on.  


Very recently, he started getting really angry and frustrated with nursing.  He would fuss, cry, bite me(yeah, ouch!!) hit me with his fists, scratch, etc.  It was really unpleasant and I could tell that he wasn't getting anything. While it made me sad to wean him (waaay earlier than I thought I would), I am at peace with it.  I made it a year and I never thought I would even make it to 6 months.  1 year was my personal goal and I am glad he got the milk he did.  I am toying with the idea of sneaking him a cup of pumped milk every day once the new baby gets here but I don't know if that'll work.  I always feel like my supply is just barely cutting it so I don't know if I'll be able to keep it up.  


I'm also thinking that nursing might have been the reason why I haven't gained any weight yet.  It's really starting to concern me and I'm going to ask the doc if it's ok when I go in on wed. I'm already starting this pregnancy 10-15 lbs less than I was with the last. This is the thinnest I've been since college.  I'm not underweight or anything but I'm not overweight either and I really hope I'm not hurting the new baby by not gaining enough.  I think the nursing and constant stress of not sleeping well, working nights and taking care of DS was taking a toll on my health and weight.  

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I'm 12w now and I'd say my supply is only about 25-50% of what it used to be.   My DD used to wake up with a soaking wet diaper and now she maybe has 1-2 pees in there.  I suspect that I'll be totally dry soon.


I was actually hoping that I'd gain less weight with this pregnancy because I'm nursing.. NO!  I've actually gained more to date than with my others.  Sigh, it is what it is...

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Thanks for sharing.   I also have a 20mo and I'm thinking about drastically cutting back the amount she nurses.  My supply has dropped off a lot and it's making her nurse more, not less.  Last night she wanted to nurse for 2-3 hours on and off before bed (mostly dry nursing).   Finally, at 9:30 I convinced her to eat a snack (she was starving) and drink some water and she fell right to sleep.  I'm just having a really hard time getting her to drink enough milk or water, anyone have tips for this?  I'd be happy if she went down to nursing 3-4 times during the day and totally night weaned (right now she probably nurses 8-10 times in 24 hours).  We'll see, she had such a tantrum last night when I wouldn't let her nurse non-stop for hours.  :/  The girl loves her nummies! 


One thing I've noticed is that my 14 month old won't take milk or water from me (though he will take diluted juice, which I've turned to in despair a few times when I couldn't stand the dry nursing any longer) but has no trouble taking it from DH or MIL or his big brother. So I've taken to disappearing when I know he's thirsty and asking someone else to offer him the cup.


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