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Hi, I will have a second grader in the fall (I can't believe my baby is going into 2nd grade!!!). What we used this year really worked for her, so we will continue using that.


Math - Math-U-See

History-Sonlight Core 4 (actually I think it is now called "D")

Spelling - Sequential Spelling

Writing & Reading - Sonlight 3

Science - Apologia

Handwriting - Italic

German - reading various books


She has really enjoyed homeschooling, and it was a good fit: she can work at her own pace (fast).

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We'll be starting second grade, not sure if I'll call it 2nd this summer already or not until fall. We love language arts, so we use a few programs. :)


  • Singapore Math 2A/B supplementing sometimes with Math Mammoth when on the road
  • All About Spelling 5
  • Growing with Grammar 4 and First Language Lessons 3 (grammar)
  • Write Source 2 and Writing Tales?
  • MCT Island
  • Story of the World 2 and perhaps a bit of  History Odyssey
  • R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey - Earth & Space
  • Elementary Spanish and Getting Started with Spanish
  • Getting Started with Latin and Lively Latin
  • Meet the Masters and Artistic Pursuits
  • various resources for Vocabulary, Geography, Critical Thinking
  • Music - piano lessons and covered at OPTIONS class
  • Using resources from books, Discovery Education Streaming, BrainPop, Core Knowlege, and more
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We're starting to plan for 2nd grade, too. We don't use any curriculum, at least in first grade we didn't, and I don't think we plan to add anything for 2nd grade.

We're following story of the world for history. I did purchase something for Bible for 2nd grade but I can't remember what it was (found it at a used book sale) and haven't really had a chance to look it over too closely yet. We're just, you know, reading for reading. We get spelling and writing with our other subjects (we will write a story about what we just learned in history, for example). Science, math, social studies, language, and art/music, we don't use anything formal - just library books and websites and a few math workbooks we have lying around. I also have a health text for this year, but I'm also not sure we're going to use it.

I've only gone as far as plotting out what things we want to learn this year, and pulling out all of the books and resources I own that seem age-appropriate. At some point, I'll start sketching out a few more details. We generally follow the Core Knowledge guidelines, but only generally and certainly not to the letter.
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Wow. You guys are inspiring. If I do decide to continue HS for 2nd, I had intended to continue with Catholic Heritage Curricula, but now I may look up those core guidelines a few of you mentioned and cobble some things together on my own. I really like parts of CHC's curriculum but have been unimpressed with others. So maybe that's a good way to keep what I like and explore other options for what I don't.
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Okay... you all inspired me to get my act together. 


I'm going to do a lot of unit studies that will incorporate language arts.  TONS here:




I think we'll do Science Odyssey for science (likely Life, but not positive yet--he's way more into Earth & Space but it looks more basic than where he's at--looking at getting both and seeing if we can change between the two at some point if it seems logical)


SOTW for history, but we're going to start with Volume 3 because he requested learning about Colonial times.  Strongly considering History Odyssey.


unit studies will incorporate what we're working on in history (they can incorporate a lot of cultural stuff) & science and work on Cub Scout belt loops & pins around that


He'll do Singapore Math 2A/B with the coop.

I'll need to figure out French curriculum (I have plenty of books)


Still working on art & music.

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My DD was in 2nd grade this year; DS will be next year, and this is our 2nd grade line-up:



Math Mammoth 2A/2B 

Handwriting Without Tears cursive

Explode the Code  4-6

Rod&Staff English 2

Writing With Ease 2  

All About Spelling (2-3))  

Sonlight Core C

Sonlight Science B 

Sonlight Grade 3 readers

Artistic Pursuits

Rosetta Stone Mandarin

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Hi I will have a 2nd grader next year too! This is our second year homeschooling using a charter in our school dist. I have gone with the rec curriculum for the most part. But this next year I am seriously considering using K12!

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We have a second grader next year too!!!

I kinda flew by the seat of my pants last year, but my husband has deployed again and I have a new baby as well as a four year old. I don't have the time to think about it, so I am considering doing Oak Meadow for 2nd grade. We need nice easy and gentle these days.


Any suggestions?

Or uplifting wonderful things to say about Oak Meadow?


I'd REALLY appreciate it.

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Mere Once Moore-


I think you will find Oak Meadow to be exactly what you need, if you are looking for "easy & gentle." That's where I was at last year and we enjoyed OM very much. We are using it again for 2nd grade. The best thing about it is: for the money, it is a very reasonable, "all studies encompassing" year-round program. I love that the Science lessons force you to go outside and take walks- this was good for me, having a new baby in the house. Almost all the lessons are able to be completed with little ones around. My 3 year old daughter participated as best she could with a lot of the arts & crafts, she loved listening to the stories for language arts, the music she could sing to (I also bought her a small recorder she could pretend to play with us, when we were practicing) and even the science walks she could look for what we were looking for, even if the explanations were a little beyond her.


One thing I accept about OM is that for a bright child or a child that absorbs material fast, this program might be too "watery." For us, we have learned that this program adds a lovely, gentle rythymn to our days and we supplement with other programs to get a little more "meat." Getting library books, a few math workbooks may be all you need. I do love that OM is a weekly curriculum instead of daily. That makes it so much easier to weave OM throughout our week instead of feeling pressured to complete daily assignments.


Have a wonderful year!

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Our line-up will be a continuation of this year's work:


Five in a Row

Singapore Math (2A/B)

Explode the Code



And we'll add Growing with Grammar to the daily mix.


Hopefully dh will make good on his promise to teach Greek.  Both kids are interested, we have the books, and dh is knowledgable.  We'll see.


Dd wants to learn Japanese.  I'm not sure I have the energy to get that started this coming year.  We might wait on that one.

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