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need naming help? UPDATE

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We are getting a German Shepherd pup in about 5 weeks.  I dont understand the order of the letter naming for the registered dogs we have always just named what we liked.  But the pup I guess is an O litter(what ever that means)  so my DH wants to name him Orion Goose and call him Goose the breeder had a really strange response to that name I'm not sure why but here is what she wrote:


"Are you serious?  What is his call name going to be ? Goose?  Really? Why???? Do you really think anyone is going to want to breed with a dog called Goose?  I don't mean to be mean or anything I really don't.... and it is kinda cute in one perspective... but.. wow... if you want people to come and breed with him that's not a good name... not really... If that is what you want so be it... but I'm not sure that's the greatest idea...  I'm sorry I don't mean to be mean... really I don't... I'm just shocked... lol..."
I sort of see what shes saying since he will be a stud but is there another way to word the naming and still call him that its my DH's pup and he really likes the name.
Just looking for any advice.....
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The whole lettering thing is something breeders sometimes do make it easier to keep track of lineage. So they know all the pups with an O name are out of the A bitch and B dog breeding for example when they want to recall it later and don't have the pedigree in front of them. I've seen it used in livestock breeding too.


As for the name on the papers, his call name doesn't need to be on the papers. Just put whatever sounds good on there and call him goose anyway.

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I understand the letter thing, that totally makes sense and is normal.  Her response is however is very very odd.  True, you can make his registered name something totally unrelated and just use goose as his call name.


First, anyone who would want to use your dog as a stud (who is reputable) is going to not care about the name but about his lines.  


Second, we dont even know that he is breeding quality yet!  He is still a baby.  I am assuming you are going to be showing or working him?  


Does your breeder health test? Show in conformation or work in sports etc?

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Well we talked it over and we are not doing a co owner with the breeder we just paid the difference so we have whole rights to do as we wish without any interference. And we should have him next week. And it will be Orion Goose
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