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I'd love to be added, please.


My EDD is December 18th.


I'm Natalie, I'll be 28/29 this pregnancy. This is baby #5 for me, conceived on our first cycle of TTC. I'm planning a midwife assisted water birth (this will be my second).



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i'd like to be added. I am 29, my due date is dec 26. This is baby #3. We tried for 2 months. Planning a hotel room birth with a midwife

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I'd like to be added. I am 38, pregnant with #3 and due on December 18, which is also my birthday. We are planning on our 3rd homebirth with a midwife.

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Oh wow so many new faces welcome
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I would like to join too.  I'm 27 and due 12/7 with our third.  I'm planning a VBA2C at home with a midwife.  I've never labored or had a vaginal delivery so for some things I feel like a first time mom!

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Hey everyone!   Well, it's official.  Due with #4 Dec 29th!  So excited.



ETA -- I should add my age?  38 and I will probably deliver in a hospital.  

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I'd like to be added!


I'm Gina.  Age 36 (in a couple of weeks). Due date is Dec 21st, but I've gone up to 24 days late, so you never know!

This is my 6th pregnancy, 5th baby.  My other kids range from 12 years to 20 months.  2 red-headed boys & 2 blonde girls. 

Hoping for a VBA2C at home, but having a homebirth attendant isn't legal in my state, so I'm still working on the particulars. 

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Sorry to bother you but I have not been added to the list yet. My name is Heidi I am pregnant with my second. Not sure where I will give birth yet, fighting with insurance. My guess date is Dec. 3rd. I had a great natural birth with my first.

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welcome hedi  ive had a house full of sick pepole and am a little behind

doing an update now

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Updated to post 33 plus a few heidi your up there not watur mamma updated your date welcome everyone else sorry Im a little slow right now

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Hi can you add me please.


Hi my name is Briana and my due date is 12-1! I have been in the november thread because I thought my due date was 11-27 and its not. This is our 2nd baby our first is 4years old. I am 28 but will be 20 when baby is here. I will be having baby at OU Medical Center since that is the only hospital/birthing center in our state that performs VBACS!!!! It is also one of very few hospitals that allow midwives/duela's to work along side the OB's. I think my state has one of the highest C-section rates in the country. Both of my sister in laws had a Csection just so they could pick the day the baby was born. I am not a huge naturalist or even close to organic and I do vaccinations (on my own schedule), but let me tell you I am a freak of nature in this state! Glad to be here with girls who support everyone no matter where they come from or what their beliefs are.

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welcome zoe . good luck on that vbac !

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Hi there,


I'm cautiously joining the group. :)  It's been a while since I've been around MDC.  Blue is my favourite colour.


EDD:  Dec. 23

Age at conception/delivery:  late 30s

What "number" child this is for you:  2

how long it took you to conceive:  4 years after a still birth in 2007.

birth plans:  Well, I was hoping for a HBAC, but my midwife suggests that's unlikely.



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Thanks for updating the list Graceie, but you missed me.  Here's my info again:


EDD is Dec 23 and I will be 39 when I give birth.  This will be baby #4 for me - I have 3 little girls (5yo, 3yo and 16 mo).  I plan on having my 4th water birth with a midwife at a birthing center (although I'm kind of almost sort of considering a homebirth).




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I was missed too:  EDD is Dec 24 and I will be 25 years old.  This is baby number 1!  Right now I am planning to water a water birth at a birth center.


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I hadn't gotten all the way though the list when I updated I know I missed a bunch my ds hasn't let me do anything that requires focuse for thelastnfournweek poor guys been sick , I plan on doing another typeset tonight at work and will try and get everyone
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I am new on here my name is Brenna and this is my first pregnancy.:) My due date is 12/6, and i am sooo exited!  I am 20 now i should be 21 by the time baby is here( my birthday is 12/01 so who knows) I most likely will be giving birth at the hospital, but i have all ways dreamed of a home birth:)   So put me on that list :):)    Thanks

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My name is Melissa, I'll be 28 when this baby is born, it's our third and our only surprise! Planning our second midwife assisted homebirth and so, so, so hoping for a boy!

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I am Kimberly, and would love to join your group.  My EDD is 12/18.  This is baby #5 for us/pg #6.  This baby was an absolute suprise for us.  I have a hx of PCOS, endo, and one m/c,  My other children are 11, 9, 6 and 3.  I am 36 and will be 37 when baby arrives.  I am planning another unmedicated hospital birth with an OB and doula...maybe a waterbirth.

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Hello everyone!  My name is Becky and I am due on December 16th.  I am 30 years old and this is my 1st pregnancy and a total surprise :)  I am hoping to deliver at a birth center with a midwife.  I've been nervous during early pregnancy about something going wrong and so far everything seems okay.  I am finally letting myself give in to the fact that this is really happening!

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