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Mainline Protestant Chat? Anyone?

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Just wondering if there are other Protestant mamas out there who would be interested in a support chat/discussion, for those who don't fit into the "Traditional Catholic" thread (obviously) or "Crunchy Christian Mamas." Might be nice to talk about our parishes, ideas for observing holidays/holy days/liturgical seasons with little ones, devotional practices at home, challenges in our own spiritual lives, challenges facing the Church in general. Anyone?

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Oh, yay!  Lutheran (ELCA) here. 


How was Palm Sunday at your church?  We have a small procession at ours, and this year the RE director made palm crosses for the children to take home from service.  I've never mastered that skill - growing up we only used them in sword fights before they were confiscated and placed on the mantle. Sheepish.gif


Very excited about Easter this year!

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Hi - I just found this thread & I think it's a great idea!  I'm Episcopalian, I sing in my church's choir and just enjoyed a lovely Holy Week and Easter.  We sang the Hallelujah Chorus for Easter Sunday - we are a small choir and I think we did a really fabulous job with it:-)  How was everyone else's holiday?

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Had a great Easter - vibrant church celebration followed by a low-key family meal.  Really couldn't ask for more. Well, except for the wisdom to have NOT worn dress shoes on pregnant feet. ;-)  The heels were gone by lunchtime!

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Hey, sorry I haven't checked back into this thread lately. It is funny that we only have a couple people interested--sort of reflects the state of many Protestant denominations these days.  I am Episcopalian btw. 


Anyway....after limping through Lent (bad morning sickness), we had a good Easter.  The kids released butterflies outside during the children's Easter sermon.  Good Friday service was a little lackluster, Stations of the Cross outside.  Kids were welcome, but my toddler was going a little bonkers by the end. 


We've been at our parish a little over a year, I feel like I ought to get a little more involved, but I am a little leery of church committees. Also, I am pregnant and I don't want to commit to anything that I can't stay involved with after our new baby arrives. What kind of time and talent does everyone else contribute?


What's everyone reading these days?  I have been working my way through A Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster and listening to some Tim Keller podcasts.

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I haven't had a chance to check back lately, either - sorry!  As I mentioned earlier, I sing in my church choir, which I really enjoy & I've learned a lot.  Our choir director is an excellent teacher!  I also joined the newcomers committee in the fall because I was interested in helping out with follow up.  It's been taking a while to formulate any initiatives, but we do have a brochure that's about to be printed.  Between working and keeping up w/my DS, though, I feel like I'm doing about all that I want to do right now!


The only spiritual reading that I'm doing at the moment is trying to faithfully read Compline from the Book of Common Prayer each night (or most nights) after DS goes to bed.

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