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Anyone starting to feel better?

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I am not as nauseous as I've been, just a little. I also feel a little less zombified, but still have the dang sore boobs. I'm almost 10 weeks, so maybe things are starting to calm down a bit. 

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My boobs finally calmed down! My nipples still hurt really bad, but I can run without cringing... I can sleep without a bra again! It's wonderful...


My nausea also simmered. I can brush my teeth without gagging and I don't have to eat as frequently to keep my nausea under control.


Also, my energy/happiness is coming back. I don't have to nap during the day and I'm not a complete b*tch for no reason. =D



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I think I'm feeling a little better too. Not having to eat quite as often and the nausea is a little better and is starting later in the day. I feel fine in the mornings and then feel progressively worse after about 2 p.m.--the past few days I've felt fine until around 3 or 4. Progress! It's still no fun and there are definitely times when I feel awful but I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel! Hooray! :)

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I'm 11 weeks as of yesterday and I've really noticed a difference in the last week. I hit my peak last Monday, when I actually puked and I've been getting progressively better ever since. I still get hungry often, but I can eat a larger variety of foods. I can eat dinner! That was the time of day I was feeling my worst, but in the last several days I've been able to enjoy eating dinner rather than just forcing myself to eat a little bit. I think I am really starting to turn the corner.


I am still tired and went to bed extra early last night after a busy weekend of not much sleep. My boobs never were very sore, but my nipples were pretty tender. I've noticed that has gotten better too. 

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Oh I envy all of you!  Im 8 weeks- and my nausea peaks right around my busiest time of day.  My poor husband has cooked dinner every night for weeks, and I'm usually in bed fighting off vomiting by 7. 


So Im looking forward to a few weeks from now, when hopefully I catch up to all of you!

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I'm at 10 weeks, and since the beginning of my 9th I've had less and less nausea, and now don't have to eat every two seconds, and hopefully can start being more active.  I've still been pretty tired, but at this point I am guessing that part of the issue is that I am not getting as much exercise as I had been.  Can't wait to get back on track, and, to have some much needed sunshine!  Hooray for Spring!

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I've been feeling fairly good for the last couple of weeks.  This is my second pregnancy and I'd say it's been easier than my first.  I was most sick around 7 weeks I think.  Now i'm approaching 10 weeks and mostly feel okay.  I still get dizzy or nauseous if I haven't eaten in a couple of hours.  I need to make sure I'm getting protein with my meals, not just carbs.  That seems to really help.  Eating meals even when I don't want anything (and often struggle through first few bites) has helped as well.  I am not drinking enough water, it's so hard to!  I love water and used to drink 7-8 glasses a day, now it just tastes yucky and flat to me.   I am not as tired and not as moody.  I'm so thankful that I have been feeling better lately!  There are still moments where I am all-out nauseated, but I'm thankful for that since I know my hormone levels are still okay.  I'd worry if I just stopped feeling preg all of a sudden :)

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I've been feeling a bit better lately. I'm actually great in the morning (well, aside from the fact that I want to go back to bed!) then after 3pm or so i start feeling gradually worse and worse and feel pretty crummy by bedtime. Last monday I actually threw up! it was the first time this pregnancy. And hopefully last. I'll be 11 weeks in a couple days. the weird thing was I was just sorta feeling... meh.. like i was sorta hungry, but nothing sounded good. anything i thought of seemed like it would make me feel worse. i wasn't nauseated though, i just had the feeling i'd get if i ate nothing but crap all day, ever get that? Where you're like, "okay, i need to eat something very healthy/nutrient dense/green" but I couldn't think of anything that would fit! And I had eaten pretty well that day. green smoothie, rice pilaf, homemade veggie soup in homemade chicken stock. very much NOT crap. So while I was sitting there trying to figure out what my body was telling me I needed to eat, when all of a sudden.. that ominous hypersalivation snuck up on me!! EEK! So I'm thinking, no, ooooh no.. walked to the bathroom, deep breaths, put on the sea bands, pressed the bead against the counter, breathed slowly, tried to tell myself I'm not going to!!! And then I threw up :( But what was weird was there was not one shred of nausea before during or after! Just hypersalivation then stomach turning inside out. But, go figure, that yucky feeling like I'd eaten a ton of crap went away :/ But, whew, nothing like that since!

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LilStar, I could have written your entire post almost word for word about myself. I can't stand knowing I need to eat but not being able to figure out what I sounds edible at the moment. And running through the food options mentally makes me feel worse! I wish there was some kind of pill--a food pill--to take every few hours. Just one pill to swallow and all of your dietary needs would be met and you wouldn't feel hungry.  Normally, I love to eat. I love to menu plan and to cook and mostly to EAT :) But now, it's all a horror to me. Nothing sounds "good" anymore. "Edible" is about the best that it gets these days. Honestly, food isn't really all that appealing to me while pregnant. I gain very little weight (I'm 5'3 and 125 pounds and I gained 19 pounds during my last pregnancy). But within hours after the baby is born, I become ravenous and actually gain weight during the first month postpartum!

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Originally Posted by octanebeetle27 View Post

I can't stand knowing I need to eat but not being able to figure out what I sounds edible at the moment. And running through the food options mentally makes me feel worse! I wish there was some kind of pill--a food pill--to take every few hours. Just one pill to swallow and all of your dietary needs would be met and you wouldn't feel hungry. 

yeahthat.gif  I was thinking of starting a post about the mental side of m/s.  This is me exactly.  I know I'm hungry.  I know I need to eat.  But there is nothing that sounds right.  If I settle for something okay or an attempt to duplicate the "correct" food it just doesn't work!  My stomach will still be upset and I will still be gagging regardless of the calories I've just ingested.  It makes little sense to me. If what I want is McDonald's french fries, nothing else will do. I can't make oven fries- gross.  If I want cheesy noodles from the restaurant down the street I can't make boxed mac and cheese.  Why???  I don't get it.  This has happened in all three of my pregnancies and I keep thinking I should be able to control it with my mind.  But no- it all goes out the window as I pant and attempt to not dry heave while going through the pantry and fridge desperately looking for that perfect food.  Oh and the total devastation when I settle on the right food and it's not there because someone else ate it for a snack!  ARGH!!!  I want that pill.


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Hurray!  Me too.  I am 9 weeks and am starting to feel less nauseous and food is more appetizing.  I too was having a heck of a time finding anything that I felt like eating, but was hungry and naseous all the time.  What a catch 22!  Anyway, now I just have very low grade nausea and food is more appetizing.  I have even eaten salad the last few days.  On the other hand, I have a head cold so that's a bit miserable but I'll take that for less nausea any day.  I was really worried that my bad nausea would stretch right to 12 weeks or even longer but "knock on wood" it seems to be going away about the same time as with my first pregnancy.


Congrats to those of you are feeling better and to those you aren't yet, hang in there!

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Jamiee, Octanbeetle, and littlestar-  SO glad I'm not the only one!  I simply cant stomach even the THOUGHT of going to the grocery store and seeing all that food.  My husband has cooked dinner all but one night in the last 3 weeks because opening the pantry makes me wretch. 

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It's been 4 weeks now of nausea, extreme tiredness, headaches, moodiness and have a sinus infection.  I cannot wait until I feel better!   I am 11 weeks, so hopefully this sickness will come to an end soon.

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Hey all! I started feeling better yesterday. I'm 10 weeks today. Of course I had a mini moment of panic when I didn't wake up intensely nauseous, but it's reassuring to know the rest of you are experiencing the same. I hear you guys about food. I normally LOVE food, now it's all just meh. I'll have random cravings but nothing ever actually tastes good! It's just edible like someone else said.

But maybe I spoke too soon regarding the nausea...its morning as I type this and just had a little dry heave moment. But I know I'm starting to feel better, it doesn't feel as bad as it has been.
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I'm 11.5 weeks now, and I had one glorious day yesterday. I walked 3km, didn't need a nap, felt great, ATE DINNER (with no nausea!) and went to bed at 11pm! And I worked on knitting in the evening! I was so excited that this might be the end of the yuck for me (with my first I was still going strong with it all at 14 weeks, and it didn't go away entirely until 16 weeks) but then this morning I woke up feeling gross, and the only appetizing foods have been snack and junk foods, and I can't muster the energy to move much. BUT! I know that this is how it started last time, and gradually these amazing days will outnumber the bad, and soon it will all be a memory. 


The trick now, I think, is to get out and get moving early, it seems to make the whole day better.



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I am 10.5 weeks.  Monday and Tuesday I did not have the all day low-level nausea, just a couple of episodes here and there. And I didn't throw up!  I was thrilled and also thought I was coming into the clear. Then yesterday I threw up 4 times and retched many more- the worst I have ever felt when I've been pregnant!  I threw up in the garbage can in my car while I was driving down the road.  I usually feel sickest at night, between 9-midnight.  I can't wait for this to be over. sick.gif


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I am just about to finish up week 11, and I am feeling better...almost no nausea...eating a greater variety of foods... Now my main difficulty is how sleepy I am. I seem to need 10 hours of sleep a day....typically a 2 hour nap and 8 hours at night. It is just hard to have time for anything else!

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