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Um, what is all the craziness on the Dr. Bronner's bottle?

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I haven't had time to read through all of it, but what I have read isn't very coherent . . .

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My Dr. Bronner's bottle explains the craziness at the top of the label. I don't remember it on another bottle I bought, so I'll summarize it.


Emmanuel Bronner spent his entire adult life searching for God and truth in both religions texts and in inspired words from people in all walks of life, past and present. He put this stuff on his soap because he considered soap to be "the messenger for his vision of universal Full-Truth: The Moral ABC." The Bronner family respects him for his efforts to unite the world in the love of God, so they continue to put the writings on the soap. It says that no one agrees with everything on the label, but everyone finds something on it that inspires/touches them.


Most of it seemed fairly coherent to me (though terribly weird), at least by the standards of religious texts, but maybe I just have more practice deciphering stuff that's awkwardly translated from another language? (I don't know if the label texts were written in another language, but they sure look it.)

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did you know that somebody made a documentary about the bronners?  lol.  That link has an NPR story about the documentary and other press stuff.  It's a weird story....

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It's what you get if you mix crazy hippie with super Christian crazy

amusing stuff

I did see the documentary - he thought that he was not just making a good soap but changing the world. He thinks the soap can cure cancer and lots of other crazy stuff.
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Bronner was QUITE the character.  I hear that if you called the company's customer service number, often it would actually be HIM who'd answer and he'd have full conversations about whatever haha.


don't know if the soap'll cure cancer, but I still love the stuff!

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If you are always having to read something like me. Its the best in the shower.

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I like how the different soaps have different themes. I usually use almond and it's mostly about romantic love/relationships while the unscented my kiddos use mentions something about the birth control methods of arctic white owls???

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I actually can't bring myself to buy the stuff because I don't want to be supporting some strange cult. You guys are telling me that there's no cult getting the soap money?
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bahahhaha as far as I know, Dr Bronners isn't a cult nor has cult connections

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No, no cult. Actually, Dr. Bronner's is a really good company. They treat their workers well and support environmental causes. If you go to their website and click on the "Activism" tab you can learn more about what they call Constructive Capitalism.
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I could not find Dr. Bronners anywhere in France, and I looked and looked. According to that site it's not sold there. Very sad.

When were all these other varieties added? I still look upon anything except the original peppermint with suspicion, although I know there have been other types around for a while... I have washed my face with the original for years, and done a bunch of other stuff with it...

All-one! Dilute!
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