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I really love all of your names. :) They're all so cute. DP is a III, so we're continuing the trend and naming baby Bryant IV. :) I normally don't like junior names or III, but since IVs are so rare - I feel like we should keep it going. And I do love the name Bryant. The unfortunate part is that there's no middle name to be carried along with it, so we're just going to have two Bryants... 



I really like all of the E names for both boys and girls. And whoever said Coraline - I just think that is the most precious girls name :)

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Tristan is a good uni sex name. But for a feminine girls name:

Olivia Jeanette :)

and it sounds good with Jones, I think...

Olivia Jeanette Jones!

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Originally Posted by Abraisme View Post

If this makes you feel better.. My DS (although adopted by my husband is from a previous relationship) is named Cyan (a shade of blue) and my DD is named Olivine (a green gemstone).  I have a color theme.  However, my husbands first-born son HAS to be named John Edmund Cook.  Our son will be the 9th generation (if we're having a boy) of this naming tradition in his family.  I will have 2 unusually named children and 1 with one of the top 10 most common names ever.  :)




Ive been having a struggle with this lately!  My first sons name is Phoenix- he was a fighting premie, and has bright red hair.  Its perfect for him.  But my 2 daughters will have old fashioned, common names...the mix seems strange.  I dont feel like we need a theme or anything, just some common ground I guess.


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