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varicose veins

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So I started getting varicose veins when I worked at Starbucks about 9 years ago, and they've gotten worse ever since. Mostly in one leg. I have talked to my doctor about it before and he told me usually insurance won't cover the treatment for them unless they become painful and debilitating. So, I didn't really worry about it. They don't really hurt all that much, but during this pregnancy they've certainly gotten worse and more noticeable. Has anyone had treatment for varicose veins and had insurance cover it? I just noticed one popped out big time today. They're so ugly and annoying!

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I just noticed this thread and thought it might have gotten lost in the shuffle. I don't really have any advise or help but I wanted to bump it. 



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Never gotten treatment...but my whole right leg(the back side) is covered...they get worse during pregnancy and once baby is born fade a ton.  So hopefully your popped one will go away after the baby is born...my big, bulging ones do.  I may look into treatment after this pregnancy as they do want you to be done having kids before having the surgery I've heard.


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I have them in one leg too. Came with the first pregnancy at 25, went away, and returned after the second pregnancy at 27 and stayed. Here I am three years later, DS just weaned himself and I'm mulling over what to do about the darn things. I hate it, I don't even wear shorts and I'm barely 30. It really bothers me, but I'm afraid to do some medical thing and put myself at risk when I've got my little ones, you know? So a dear friend told me she'd heard large amounts of Vitamin C daily can help. That's what I'm trying now. I just started, but hopefully there will be some change for the better and I'll update when it happens. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one with them. I see so many mamas walking around with their bare legs. Luckies, LOL~

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