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Starting a minimalist wardrobe while pregnant

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I really feel the need to move to a minimalist wardrobe but am 6 weeks pregnant. Has anyone done this? I decluttered my clothes a LOT after last baby but really just want to own a few things that all work together. I normally wear jeans & comfy shirts at home or running errands (SAHM) and skirts with nice shirts or sweaters to church. I'm thinking black tights with some basic long shirts would be good since they'd fit me during the whole pregnancy, or a couple of pairs of maternity jeans.

Also, I might just get rid of all clothes I don't LOVE as I grow out of them during this pregnancy. I may not have much once baby comes along but I'd be able to start fresh with new clothes that feel good on me at the time.

I'm not sure what I'm asking. I guess if anyone has tried this, any tips, any good websites? Thanks!!!
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I posted my idea of a minimalist-ish wardrobe to the Extreme minimalism for clothes thread just last night. However, I am only just getting started on getting that together and we are trying for a baby...so I may be in your shoes in a couple months!! :-P

I'm still gonna try to start getting it together cause I did keep a few of my more favorite maternity things from last time up in the attic (and hadn't gotten to the attic yet in my house-purging this time around)...and hopefully then I can just keep the acquiring of stuff to a minimum once I am pregnant. It will be hard though if we are successful with getting pregnant soon since I'll be huge in the winter and last time I was huge in the summer and pretty much just lazed about the house in pajama bottoms and camis when I wasn't out getting my walks in or buying groceries!! Covering a bump when it's cold out is a bit more of a challenge...but I'm up for it!!
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I haven't gotten a pair of jeans that I like yet, but I mostly wear leggings with long shirts and also yoga pants. I'm a summer pregnancy (due mid-August) and will likely get 1-2 summer dresses to wear with or without leggings. That's pretty much it. I wear DH's T-shirts around the house. 


I wish I had leggings last pregnancy. They are so comfortable, I could live in them. :-)

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Yeah, why not! It sounds good to start fresh after giving birth. I got clothing-minimalist when I was pregnant, I just didn't want to buy lots of things to wear for a short time, and I wasn't too into clothes anyway, looking like a balloon ;) After DD was born none of my old stuff fit me anymore, so I got rid of everything. I was really skinny for years because I have chronic illness and with pregnancy it went into remission. I never lost the weight I gained when preggers. My excuse is that I'm finally healthy now, hehe.

So for me the trouble has been to HAVE TO find new clothes when I wasn't really into shopping for them... But staying minimalist with clothes has been easy. Oh yeah and my shoe size went up too, so I had to get rid of all my shoes!

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I love having fewer clothes. It makes everything easier. Really you don't need much more than a laundry cycle's worth of clothes.

For maternity, I have enough to make it through the weeks laundry cycle. So jeans, yoga pants, long and short sleeve t-shirts, a few pullover sweaters and a few dresses and a pair of leggings for church/when nothing else fits. I bought a maternity robe this time and am really loving it.

I agree with purging as you grow. I would also think about getting rid of everything at the bottom of your drawers/back of your closet. The things you always pass over. I wear my regular knickers and tank tops throughout pregnancy, so find time to sort those too.

When you start buying new clothes, come up with a plan first so you don't end up with too many extras.

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I got rid of a lot of my clothes last time, but I actually did fit back into everything within 6 months. (Then I got pregnant within a few months.) What I've done is get rid of all my very favorite "inbetween" clothes. So I kept my favorite jeans and all the clothes I felt really good in. You may not have any "inbetween" clothes. Even if you do fit back into your old clothes, styles can change.  I've kept either very classic pieces and my absolute favorites. The one thing that didn't fit so well were my shoes, as I went up half a shoe size. I hear that some people don't have a change in shoe size, though.

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Op here. This is my third baby so I'm hoping my shoe size won't change. Im going to get rid of any shoes with heels except my favorite fancy shoes, since heels irritate my sciatica.I was back to pre-both-babies weight when I got pregnant so was going to have to buy new clothes. I'm glad I didn't! Were probably moving to a small house during this pregnancy so it'll make it easier to go down to the bare essentials. Thanks for all the good ideas! I hate clothes shopping for myself so I'll have to have a good plan before going.
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I had a similar idea and started getting rid of clothes as I grew out of them. I didn't have too many to begin with as I've done this a few times over the past decade (things always manage to accumulate somehow...). I wanted to start afresh after having our first baby. I've acquired some pieces that I can still wear after giving birth, mostly loose tops and leggings. Life is so much nicer without extra stuff!

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