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Ouch my hips!!!

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So sleeping at night is horrible because I keep switching back an forth with really really achy hips all night long!! I remember this happening with my first the whole pregnancy and it now just started with my second. This is normal right? My hips are growing making room for baby...anything to help? ANy sleep positions that may help? I just wish I could lay on my back or my stomach so badly! :)

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Maybe this is a given but are you using a pg pillow or a wedge?  My hips SCREAM at me if I sleep without mine.  Some nights I climb in with DD and don't bring my pillow, thinking I'll only be in there a short time, but then daylight breaks and I'm in such pain!!


I also still lay on my back but with a pillow under one hip.  It's super comfy.

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I second the good support pillows!

I've been ending up sleeping in the recliner. If you have one, maybe that'll help :)

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yes I have a body pillow that I usually put between my legs and then hug up top...I don't know. I am really small and had no hips to begin with, does that make my pain worse? or does everyone have the pain no matter what?

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When we bought a new mattress during my first pregnancy I found out that all of my hip pain was due to a crappy mattress.  

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My hips hurt less if I do belly dancing.

Your hips are changing, joints loosening. I don't know any pregnant woman without some hip pain.

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I can relate :(  I sleep with a body pillow but if I spend too long on one side my hips hurt anyway.  So I flip several times throughout the night.  It's annoying because I wake up needing to flip...I miss sleeping through the night!  It's also annoying to my cat, who sleeps on top of me, because then she has to re-settle ;)

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I feel your pain. greensad.gif I am also tiny and have terrible hip pain this pregnancy.  I have some every pregnancy, but this time is the worst!  I turn about every thirty minutes at night when I sleep. 


A pregnant pillow or a pillow between the knees can help.  So can pregnant yoga and visits to the chiro.  I have never managed to be pain free though, so I will also be watching this thread for ideas.

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