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Most dh-friendly sling?

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Dh would like to sling ds. I have several slings, all of which I use for different purposes but since dh is alot bigger than I am we'll need to order him one. For those of you whose dhs sling, do they have a favorite one? One that is easy on and off and that your dh enjoys wearing? Ds is 30 lbs at 15 mos. TIA
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I'd have to say the Ergo or Sutemi. Men seem to like all the buckles and straps. The Sutemi was the first carrier my husband ever brought to me asking for instructions on how to use it!
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My dh used the Maya Wrap when ds was little, but now the one and only sling he'll use is the Hip Baby by Walking Rock Farm. (It's one of my favorites, too!)
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My dh just used our hug-a-bub ffor the first time Friday night, and on Saturday, he put it on all by himself & took baby & big sister to the park.

The hug-a-bub is so great for a bigger baby...and w/ a 30 lb baby, I think something that distributes weight across the back and over the shoulders would be a neccesity!

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What about the baby trekker? It provides good support for a larger baby and the buckles, straps, etc. seem like they would be appealing to a guy.
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