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Are Girls Different?

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It was super easy to prepare my son for my daughter's arrival, but I was wondering if girls are different for preparing for new baby. Experience, opinions, advice? My daughter is only 18 months, and when I told my son about my daughter, he'd just turned 2. Thanks in advance!

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My guess is that this has more to do with the personality of the child than the gender.  It was also easy to introduce the idea of having a baby to my son, but he was 5 at the time, so it was a lot different than an 18mo.   My DD is currently 20mo and she has no idea that I'm pregnant or what it might mean..

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It definitely depends on the personality, but a lot of girls are naturally maternal so it can be really easy, but your daughter is not only 18mo but also will be the middle child...I'm not too certain in those circumstances, but it can help to have the "big girl helper" get a diaper or sing songs to the baby, or something else age appropriate.  Have her help pick out some baby clothes, or a blankie, or a stuffy for the baby, too.  It is obviously not her job to take care of the new baby, but I hear it helps to keep them very involved in the baby's life.


Our daughter will be 5 soon and she has wanted a baby sibling since she was 2 or 3 years old, and she is definitely planning on being a helper.  I plan on keeping her involved in picking things out for the baby to instill pride, and she is looking forward to holding the baby.  =)


I know it will be a little different for your little one, and I have heard that at around 1.5 they don't even really notice the difference.  Good luck!

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