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I have a PP Pliko Lite (not made anymore) and I really like it.  The Si looks like an upgraded version of the Pliko Lite.  I bet you'll be happy with it.  (Which color will you get??)


If you aren't 100% set on the PP, check out the Baby Jogger City Mini or City Micro.  Albeebaby.com has the Micro for as little as $99 (normally $140 or so) and the Mini for about $204 after the 15% discount.  I haven't pushed around a Micro in person, but the Mini is definitely an awesome stroller.  It steers very smoothly, has lots of room for older kids, and has a very generous sun shade.  The Mini folds down almost completely flat, the Micro less flat, but probably enough for a 2 month old.  They don't come with bars, but you can order them separately (on sale for $30 on Albee).  These strollers have an awesome resell value, if you ever wanted to resell it on Craigslist for a decent percent of your purchase price.  here's a review on the Micro double.


I've been looking at the Mini double on Albee, since they have the 2010 model on clearance!  It's taken a lot of willpower for me not to order one...

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We have the Maclaren Techno XT and it reclones flat. It's awesome, awesome, awesome. I've had a fair few strollers. I bought this one off Ebay - it's an older years' model but was brand new so a great deal.


I have 2 friends with PPs. Both hate them. They get squeaky and the wheels get jammed.


For the record (and to say I've had some comparison) I've also owned: Safety 1st Evolution, BOB Revolution, Phil and Teds Dash, the Maclaren Techno XT and a Chariot Cheetah2.

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I have the britax blink and while I love it over my big travel system that I had and I got it on a great sale it is  a little heavy but that is my only complaint. I would spend what you have to to be totally happy!

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Aw heck yeah! Both DP and I have some back issues, so we alternate between an Ergo (only I wear it for size reasons), a stroller (a cheap umbrella that was smaller in our car's trunk than the one the car seat came with), and a harness/leash.


I got the stroller at babies r us, and it came with a few perks, like a mesh bag attached for gear and a sun shade. $30!

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We dont.  i use to have a jogger with ds2 for rollerblading though and another one of those would be nice.  we had considered getting an unbrellla stroller but i honestly dont think we would use it

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I have a Baby Jogger City Mini and it's awesome. The fold is amazing (one handed!) and it lays totally flat with the pull of a toggle so it's perfect for a tiny baby. I have a friend who put her newborn in there and she slept very nicely. I bought it when Daniel was 6 months and it was a great purchase. You can buy a tray to put on the stroller, but you won't need one for a while now. I'm JUST looking for one now because Daniel likes to nibble on finger foods like Cheerios and cheese and it's annoying to have to stop and let him eat out of my hands.


I have a friend with the P3 and she's not super fond of it now for her 3 year old. It's not a heavy duty stroller. She's selling hers online if you're interested.

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