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Yes! I do think Pack N Plays have their place. Even as a first time mother, you'll still need to bathe, poop, prepare food for yourself, deal with animals if you have them, and deal with unexpected situations in general. Before baby is mobile, I use a bouncy seat for brief containment purposes. Try bending down and unloading a dishwasher while baby wearing. ;)

I was particularly glad I had a PnP when when I would visit people's homes that weren't safe for crawling babies.

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When I saw this pop up on new posts the first thing I thought was, 'This has to be a first time mother'. ROTFLMAO.gif



I didn't have one (did borrow one for trips) but I did use a bouncy chair, and later a high chair, when I needed to do something baby free. As wonderful as babywearing is, sometimes it's good to be able to pee in peace.

To the bolded... I'm still trying to get my 8 year old and 5 year old to learn this. 

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I thought this way when I was pregnant with my first. We owned nothing - no PnP, no crib, no swing, no bouncer - nothing! A big part of it back then was money and space, but I sure realized fast how hard it is to do some things while wearing or holding a baby. Shower while holding a baby without getting soap in its eyes? Uh- no. This once upon a first time mama couldn't make that one work. I was lucky to get one shower  a week. So for this one, yeah - we will have somewhere safe to lay baby down while mama does those things that are just about impossible while holding or wearing a baby. Its a lot easier to get away with doing nothing all day but holding your babe when you only have one, but when you have older kids who need to eat, who need their butts wiped, who need your love and attention, too - yes, its very nice to have somewhere safe to put the newbie.


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I use mine as a safe place to put babe where I can keep an eye out. We have wood floors so while my first two spent some time on a blanket on the carpeted floor, this one won't have that option. With siblings running around, I feel better that he will have a definite space that is his.  I've not been one to leave the babies in it for a long period of time unless they were sleeping though.


Oh and we use it as a bed when we travel.

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