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New to Wareham, Upper Cape

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Hi. My family and I moved to Wareham about two months ago, and I'm having a hard time trying to find indoor kid activity places close by. Can anyone lead me in the right direction? I have 2 kids... daughter is 3 and son is 1. We are on a tight budget right now so I am trying to find things for them to do that are relatively cheap. I'd like to stay within the Wareham, mid/upper Cape, Plymouth, Middleboro, Carver perimeter. I know that the warmer months are coming and it will be easier to find stuff, but right now, it's tough... unless I'm missing something. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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hmm my post deleted itself..Anyway welcome and check out Cape Cod Children's Museum in Mashpee. It is 6 bucks per person but so worth it for the toddler ages. My DD LOVES it...Lots of kids to interact with and lots and lots of things to touch/play with etc...

Check out their website, just google Cape Cod Children's Museum, it shouldn't be too far from you!

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I moved from Bourne to E Wareham in Feb :-) First- there's the Gleason Family YMCA. You can join (they have scholarships if you need that) and they've got lots of stuff avail. If you aren't a member you can go to the preschool playgour for free (10 o'clock every friday). Also, join the library! Library passes make LOTS of stuff super cheap! (Like the children's museum in mashpee is free with a library pass). Also- (this is only for summer obviously) the Freetown State Forest has a really great wading pool (it's like a foot deep at the deepest) with sprinklers and all kinds of stuff. Totally free too.

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Hi! We are over on the cape, in Sandwich so maybe not all that far from you. I wish I had more recommendations but we just moved here last summer so I'm not super familiar with indoor places to go, especially over in Wareham. We have been to the children's museum and my son (5) loved it, definitely a great place for indoor play (to me it is more like a big indoor playground than a children's museum) but it can be really crowded when the weather is bad, especially in the summer. I also wish I knew about more free things, but especially with all the tourism traffic I think most activities for kids cost money. One awesome place to go is to Heritage Museums and Gardens in Sandwich. THey have a kid's play area called Hidden Hollow that is really amazing. For us that is one place that is worth it to play the yearly membership fee so we can go as much as we want, but that's definitely an outdoor thing (though they do have some other museums and things to do on the grounds, we haven't actually done anything except go to Hidden Hollow).

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