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the newest addition to our family.  Logan Felipe entered the world at 3.46 pm weighing 7 lb 12 oz and being 21.5 in long.  He is an all star nurser and his big brother loves him.


yesterday around 4.30 pm my water broke in a trickle.  Was getting some contractions but nothing major.  Took some castor oil @10 am and then the contractions began getting more painful.


Around 2/2.30 MW arrived and checked me.  I was 4cm 100% effaced and had an extra bag of water around his head, hence why it wasn't too painful and taking forever to progress (read 3 weeks!!!).  So she burst that bag at 2.40 and then WOAH!!!!!!!


I was in major labor mode.  Squeezing 2 balls in my hands, toe curling, head on table stuff going on.  Then I sat on my ball for a few contractions then clamored on the bed I was planning on birthing on.  Well before I knew it I was clinging to my hubby and the bed like no tomorrow spinning around in circles.  Totally bizarre!  Then all of a sudden I was pushing.  10 min later baby born at 3.46.  So, 1 hour and 16 minutes later the babe was here.  Placenta came out fine and healthy boy was born.


He's a natural nurser and has nursed all day while I eat and drink.  It was an amazing and empowering experience!

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Congratulations organicviolin!!  So glad you labor was quick and you FINALLY have your baby!!  flowersforyou.gif

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Finally!! So happy to see this post. Congratulations!

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Yay! So happy for you. Congrats!!

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Yay yay yay!  Congratulations! joy.gif

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Oh wow - that's speedy! So glad you had had a good experience after the long build-up! Congratulations!


Enjoy yur babymoon!

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Finally! So glad your labor purgatory is over. Welcome Logan!

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Yay for you!!!  Yours goes to show that that annoying early labor really is doing something, ha?  Still...I'm not saying 3 weeks of it wasn't pretty ridiculous.  What an interesting labor nonetheless.  I'm glad your baby is finally here and is nursing well.  Congtrats!!  

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Congrats!  That's awesome that things progressed quickly after Pam arrived.  I was worried you'd have a super long labor like I did with DD after my water broke (44 hours PROM, 30 after taking castor oil).  Post some pics when you get a chance  :)

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ohh i am soooo happy for you!

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Yay, congratulations! I was thinking about you, hoping that castor oil would do it.  But it seems your MW breaking that extra bag of waters was what did the trick.  What an intense ending to your saga labor.

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Congrats on your new blessing.  So glad to hear he's nursing well too!  Enjoy!

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joy.gif Congrats!

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