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Weird! Smelling Amonia After Exercise

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I'm wondering if anyone else has ever had a strong smell of amonia after exercising?

This happens to me - not always, but often. It's quite a strong smell too.

To clarify, I do not smell like amonia, but I can smell it very strongly. Others cannot smell it on me or around me.

Weird, right?

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Happens to me too.  I have no idea why.  I really smell it in my post workout shower.

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Could it possibly be bacterial vaginosis?  On the rare occassion I get a bacterial infection, I can tell because of the strong ammonia smell which seems to be increased during and after workouts.

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I don't think it's an infection b/c I had recent blood work and it was all good.

It's so strange, b/c the odor is not on me - it's like it's in my nostrils - nobody around me can smell it.


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I get this too sometimes. I don't know why! I've read it could be not enough water, or a sinus infection/allergies.


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I have the same issue for years. I just googled "i smell amonia after working out" and came upon this site. It was very informative and answered my questions as well as let me know what to do to help prevent it. No one else ever smells it on me but I can smell it in my nostrils very strongly and I never smell it on my skin either. The body is such an awesome and complex machine!!

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I used to have this exact thing. It sometimes even smelled like broccoli too.....(?) Unrelated to it, I did an intestinal parasite cleanse and the smell went away. While cleansing, I read alot about parasites, and cleansing, and found that parasites byproducts are ammonia. It took me months to make the connection between the two. This is probably really gross to read, or think about, but I feel a million times better and had no real reason to think I needed one in the first place (havent left the country, dont have pets, etc) but now after all Ive read and learned I do believe that waay more people have them than realize. Hope this helps.

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Not to be pushy with the issue, I just found this. This is think is more about children, but I thought it might be useful. I have read that we can inhale pinworm eggs and they can maifest that way, too. horrors.gif

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