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Middletown, CT Area

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We are going to be moving to the Middletown area over the summer and I would love to hear from families in that area. I have a 4 month old so anyone who belongs to like-minded "play groups" I would love more info! We are selectively vaccinating so suggestions on a family practioner would be wonderful. I guess I am just hoping to find a group of people who won't question my 2 mama, AP, cloth diapering, vegan house! Thanks!
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There is lots going on in Middletown for families with young children!  The best resource for you in that area will probably be the Family Wellness Center, which offers a ton of free playgroups and parenting meetings (for example, I co-host a babywearing meeting there once a month).  There is something there almost every day, really!  Here's their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Family-Wellness-Center/355055588316

When your little one starts crawling KidCity is a great place to hang out and meet new people.  While most of the rooms are geared towards older kids there are a few that are baby friendly, like the Sea Caves. 

As far as doctors go, many of my friends in that area use and love Middletown Family Practice.  They are open to alternative healing modalities and perfectly fine with delayed/selective/no vax.  I don't have any of the doctors names but can get them if needed.

And last but not least you may want to check out www.MindfulVillage.org which is a CT based group similar to Mothering.  They do have the online message board but also do park gatherings, mama's nights out/in (with babes in arms allowed, of course!), seasonal family parties, etc.  Its a great place to connect with other families in your area and ask questions.

Hope the move goes smoothly and maybe we'll meet up one of these days!

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Thank you so much! Thats perfect!
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Also, you might like "It's Only Natural" a vegetarian restaurant there. I live one town away.

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