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Sperm donor

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Hello, i am new to this site. I have been researching sperm banks etc for past few days. I am not really sure if i am looking in the correct areas. I am needing a sperm donor but would rather keep it close to where i live in Kansas. Far as i know my city (Topeka) does not have a sperm bank. Any suggestions???

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Although I'm not familiar with Kansas, I would just Google "Kansas sperm bank" and see what comes up or if you live near a border, Google other border states as well.


Keep in mind that you can also have sperm shipped so although you might prefer to have a sperm bank nearby, you don't have to limit yourself, especially if you have a particular requirement or need in terms of a donor.


You might want to join us on the Queer TTC board where we hold most of our daily discussions. You can feel free to post any questions or request for opinions there and are more likely to get a quick response.



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To add to Krista's comment--I tried looking for banks in Michigan (queer-friendly) and it was a nightmare...I now am using a bank from Seattle and it is going very smoothly to have it shipped!

Here is the link to Queer TTC (What Krista just mentioned). http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1306147/queer-conceptions-april-2011-keep-the-bfp-s-rollin-in

Good luck!
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