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I haven't posted here in quite some time, but could use the knowledge of other mama's out there who've dealt with what I'm going through.  I'm trying to stay positive and hope it's something simple.  My second son Asher (3) has been having facial tics since he was basically a baby.  I didn't *really* notice that it was a bit awkward at times until the last several months- I just thought he made cute faces and would giggle at him and that would be that.  He crunches his nose up and gives people "dirty looks" (mostly strangers who try to talk to him and other children, or if he's annoyed).  What really got me was when I noticed he was doing it faster (scrunch, unscrunch, scrunch, unscrunch) when he gets extremely stressed out. I wouldn't be stressing about it so badly except dp's siblings all have a wide array of mental issues (some his mother hasn't taken them to the dr for, but are very obvious social problems).  His youngest sibling who I believe is now 14 has always been incredibly awkward.  He gets facial tics that get more intense when he's stressed and he will stare at people in a strange way (something Asher hasn't begun doing thankfully).  Another thing about ds is (and I'm not sure if this falls into the same issue?) that he doesn't speak much.  Everyone asks me if he talks, and I think- of course he talks!  I hear him talk all the time.  That's because he's just talking to me and no one else.  It's still very baby-ish, but I understand him.  He rarely talks to anyone else though, even dp (his father).  I've thought different things over time about him- at one point I was really worried that my three year old was depressed!  He seems to show emotions that most children don't.  I would love to hear everyone's opinions, there seems to be quite a few mental illnesses that involve tics.  I came across this:


and while I hope it's a "childhood transient tic", I worry because of the issues dp's siblings have had.  (One of them is also a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic, and the others have obvious social issues that have not been diagnosed including dp). 



Thanks for help and opinions.