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Stray dog won't eat dog food

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My parents got a stray dog - a chihuahua. A friend found him 3 weeks ago. Tried to find the owner but had no luck. The dog clearly belongs to someone - is potty trained and very well behaved.

So, her husband was allergic so, my parents took him. Actually, we sort of share him. We live 1 mile from each other so, if they're going to be gone for more than a few hours, he comes here to play with our chi.

Anyway, since we got him, he has not eaten dog food. We've tried multiple brands with various protein sources. We've tried putting various proteins mixed into the food. Weve tried mixing in pumpkin, peanut butter, broth etc..... Nothing. He will not eat.

My chi is crazy about green beans, apples, carrots, sweet potatoes etc.... So, I tried chopping up pieces of fruits/veggies and he'll lick them for a second and then drop them. It's like he has no idea what to do???

Out if desperation, I scrambled an egg yesterday and he did eat it, and the day before he ate a few bites of raw beef but, he left most of it untouched.

He's had a vet check and appears healthy and when he goes in for his neuter and microchip, the dr will check his teeth to make sure it's not an issue with his teeth but other than that, we're stumped.

My parents aren't going to feed raw or prepare people food meals for the pup. They need to find a dog food solution.

Any ideas?
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Well, unless he has decided to starve, he will eat eventually.  Sounds pretty traumatized. I would say trying different things may be actually making things worse. I would choose one feed or serve what you serve your chi and he will eat or not....but you could make 1000 meals and never find what he is expecting.


Once you rule out med issues, it may just be a matter that there is nothing else.

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Are you free feeding?  Are people around when he is trying to eat?


I know of several scared/traumatized etc dogs that would only eat late at night when everyone was asleep.  

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There is a bowl of food out at all times and there is never a time when he doesn't have access to it.

Mom made him eggs again his morning. I'm going to try to get her to stop. It's so hard. They're really worried about him.
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If it were my dog, I would continue to make sure he eats until everything medically checks out.  Have they tried canned food at all?


Then, on the flip side, free feeding can create picky eaters...having it available at all times makes some dogs kind wait out for better stuff as they know it is always there.  That is one of the reasons free feeding is not recommended.

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