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These pictures are wonderful!  They make me smile.  :)

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I've been having my husband take pics every 3-4 months or so I don't ever forget!  But this one where she's teeny tiny is still my favorite! :)




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Yogini baby in "Bliss Pose" .  Now my profile picture on Facebook!  Breast is best!

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So you think Facebook only deletes when others report a photo? Or, do they also patrol for nudity?

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Great post, Tickledeeboo! It makes me so happy to see all these breastfeeding photos all in one place. Just like a normal society!

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Been wanting to post mine for awhile. I'm in an unfortunate position of having been out of work for almost 2 years and many of my FB people being business acquaintances... so haven't done so.


Son @ 6 months (now 19 months)




And tandem with older sis (3 1/2) on occasion:





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As far as the question I don't know. Ever since I've found them deleting pictures for BFing moms I've patrolled to find offensive photos to report. There are so many photos that I cringe at (animals being hurt, women in pornographic poses mostly nude, etc).


So who knows it's probably a little of both and let's face it - it's mostly a battle at this point for them.


I may be wrong but I sense the whole male ego not wanting to be challenged mentality. I'm pretty sure that the groundswell that we have on so many important topics such as this will end up winning out as long as we continue to bombard and persevere.

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I haven't posted this on facebook yet, although I have posted breastfeeding photos on facebook before with no real problem. This one is from my blog post- In Defense of Nursing To Sleep

:) My son is almost 6 months here.

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7 months old








2 days old






3 days old

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These pics are so sweet!  I love the newborn ones so much.  It took me a few weeks to get my first baby nursing and seeing that little body "get it" and do what it needed was amazing and those newborn pics remind  me of that time where you're crying tears of joy from it "clicking"!


I don't have any photos of myself nursing.  I just don't like the idea of my breasts being in photos.  I hope this doesn't mean I can't support the cause because I do.

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Of course you can support the cause even if you don't like the idea of your breasts in a photo. In fact, that's one of the points of all this. In most cases, a mom's breast doesn't show that much when she's nursing and only if you're up close. Even so, breastfeeding is an intimate experience and I can understand your point of view.

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Yes, oftentimes nothing is shown at all.

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Here's a link to a great video about Covering Up as a Feminist Issue: http://www.phdinparenting.com/2011/02/20/coveringup/

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Love all these photos!! It's disgusting and sad that breasts can only be viewed as sexual by society and not as food for a child. And the Facebook issue cannot be nudity/sexuality because there is SO MUCH sexual trash on Facebook that is actually obscene and distasteful--that Facebook does nothing about. So why pick on breastfeeding? Facebook needs to seriously adjust their policies.


I wrote a blog post about it and am asking for breastfeeding photo submissions that I can post on my blog in another post- would love to share your photos along with my own!!! See my blog post for details or just email me your photo at erdickey at gmail dot com :) http://babydickey.com/2011/04/21/dear-facebook-boobs-are-made-for-feeding/

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Breastfeeding Twins!

I support breastfeeding and breastfed my twins for 27 months! I also breastfed their 3 older sisters and I am currently breastfeeding our newest addition to the family!


breastfeeding twins


Photo from blog post: On Weaning Our Twins. I also wrote about our twins home birth story.

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Hi Everyone,


Great pictures!


Peggy asked me to post these links here:


Breaking it Down for Facebook - First post I did on the facebook issue...sadly more than 2 years ago.
Covering Up is a Feminist Issue (Video)
50 Reasons for Breastfeeding Anytime, Anywhere


Enjoy your weekend!





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i have never put bf'ing pics on facebook before, but put some up today. here they are: Photo 1.jpgPhoto 12.jpg


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My first post on these boards!  Fun!IMG_3816.jpg

This was taken at a photoshoot I had-I asked her if she would take some of me breastfeeding too.  DD is 13 weeks old.


and I had this one as my profile picture on facebook for a few weeks w/o incident.





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Here is another picture (taken a couple weeks ago) of my Kit Kat. I also posted a blog entry on my blog Mummies Nummies, regarding the whole photo deleting on facebook.





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