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Initial BF.JPGNewborn Family.JPG

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I'm not on facebook but my partner is and will post this pic today.  My 27 month old nursing to sleep for her nap.


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I support breastfeeding and breastfed my twins for 27 months! I also breastfed their 3 older sisters and I am currently breastfeeding our newest addition to the family! Yes, Facebook... breastfeeding is definitely normal.


Breastfeeding Twins


Photo from blog post: On Weaning Our Twins. I also wrote about our twins home birth story.

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I just had a photo shoot of my daughter (now 4, weaned at 3), and my son, now 10 months (was 8 at the time). I specifically had nursing photos taken, wanting to remember my last nursling ;)


C nursing sepia.jpg

C nursing color 2.jpg

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At a family reunion that the birth center had - was tons of fun and it was so nice being around so many supportive families!!


P3140209.JPG    P3140217.JPG

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I've got this on FB.   My little shamrock's first day home.  


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Just born





I love this one :)



After a Christmas photo shoot



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My little boy Henry


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Nursing is beautiful!!

baby pics 294.JPG

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milkie break.jpg


This picture has been in one of my FB albums since January and is still there. Then again, there is no boob showing, and my pictures are set to friends only, so unless one of my freinds is vehemently anti-BF, no one would've reported it.


Here are two more that I love, not on FB yet but I could post and see what happens...

BF 1.jpg


BF 2.jpg

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OK, I realized that I did have ONE bf pic!  This is less than an hour after Julia was born.  I look great, don't I?  Give me a break, I'd just delivered a 10#, 4oz baby at home!

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Lets keep this going! It disturbed me to hear on the news that a womans profile was deleted for a bfing being obsene! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! What has this world come to. I am sorry but breastfeeding is no different then feeding a baby with a bottle! I am due any day now with my second and plan on breasfeeding everywhere and anywhere you dont like it dont look is my theory! They are even deleting pictures where baby is latched on and you cant see a nipple.....so my question is whats the difference between that and a girl wearing a bikini top that just covers her nipples?

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Your pictures are simply beautiful!

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blissed out after first time nursing




big family joke here. babys head being eclipsed by breast

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Luckily so far nobody has reported any of my photos on Facebook, But I am so outraged by the deletion of people's posts such as Emma Kwasnica and others whose pages are dedicated to breastfeeding support.



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nursing willow.jpg


My daughter, Willow, nursed 22 months. 






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i love seeing all these gorgeous pics.

i wonder if the facebook content moderators are just super lazy and know that instead of actually having to look for obscene images they could instead just search "breastfeeding" and fill their quota of images/content to get rid of. it seems like the content mods have to be specifically searching for breastfeeding groups/educators.

don't some states have statutes making it illegal to harass a breastfeeding mother in public?...so couldn't someone in one of those states make the case that they are being sexually harassed by facebook and their human and legal rights are being infringed? being web-based doesn't exempt them from obeying the law. essentially facebook is asking breastfeeding women to leave its place of business, and beyond that, actually cutting off resources, support, and communication for all breastfeeding women by targeting breastfeeding support groups rather than just individuals. so any state where it's illegal to make a woman leave a business because she is breastfeeding, a case could be made against facebook. just a thought.

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Thank you!!  I love them!  I also have them on my facebook page and have had no issues yet.  :)

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Your pictures are simply beautiful!



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