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The picture of the mama nursing while bowling is hilarious ROTFLMAO.gif


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IMG_0985.JPG   SUSY.jpg  The right side is his favorite!  I'm proud to be a part of this! 


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Originally Posted by mamadiamond View Post

i love seeing all these gorgeous pics.

i wonder if the facebook content moderators are just super lazy and know that instead of actually having to look for obscene images they could instead just search "breastfeeding" and fill their quota of images/content to get rid of. it seems like the content mods have to be specifically searching for breastfeeding groups/educators.

don't some states have statutes making it illegal to harass a breastfeeding mother in public?...so couldn't someone in one of those states make the case that they are being sexually harassed by facebook and their human and legal rights are being infringed? being web-based doesn't exempt them from obeying the law. essentially facebook is asking breastfeeding women to leave its place of business, and beyond that, actually cutting off resources, support, and communication for all breastfeeding women by targeting breastfeeding support groups rather than just individuals. so any state where it's illegal to make a woman leave a business because she is breastfeeding, a case could be made against facebook. just a thought.

I think you make some great points.  There are so many levels of tolerance of who finds what offensive.  I have a few friends on FB who have pictures that shock me.  They are of a crude or sexual nature.  I just click away from them.  Do I want to see your buddy pooping?  No! But I just move on.  Being on FB is a choice and you don't have to do it if you are sensitive.  Of course, a pic of breastfeeding doesn't even come up on my radar....


Peggy, you have really made me think a lot over the weekend about the whole subject in general.  I nurse my 17 month old in front of her older brothers, 11 and 10 all the time and never think twice about it.  They even play with and talk to the baby while she is nursing.  I hope that is a positive, even if subliminal, message for them that it's all normal and expected.  I have also noticed that I nurse openly in front of my nieces, ages 4-12.  Frankly, I think it would be great to expose young men and women to all kinds of womens' breasts!  (I know, I hear the hoorays from the middle school now!) But think about it.....aren't many of us women having body image problems from ideals in the media?  What if girls and boys knew that breasts come in all shapes, sizes, colors, etc?  My only exposure to breasts as a young girl were just ones occasionally seen on a movie.  Of course they were "perfect".  What about normal breast?  I never saw them.


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I'm not on facebook, but this is us right after birth


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OMG!!! I can't find any! That makes me so so upset. I can't believe I don't have any. I will be getting some. The first 6 weeks were really hard for us with bfing and I guess I just never got a pic. 


This is a group to join on Facebook. Don't know if anyone posted but if it got A LOT of members, fb would notice.



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I just wanted to let everyone here know that Shari Criso is having a live broadcast/discussion about this topic (and other general discriminations against motherhood) tonight on her UStream channel. You can watch as she answers our questions while we all discuss in the chat room! Here's more info and where you need to RSVP (it's TONIGHT, Tuesday, at 8:30pm EST): http://sharicriso.com/mybabyexperts/my-tv-show/


(FYI - she does these shows every Tuesday night. Different topic and sponsors/prizes each week related to babies/pregnancy/mom!)

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I'll have to wait until I go home to post pics of DS#1 bfing, I guess. I may go change my fb profile pic, though. I enjoyed the video show with Peggy. I breastfeed anywhere and everywhere we go. I do try to be discreet in front of people I don't k ow well when it's a somewhat intimate setting, but I do 't really worry too much. I hate those nursing shawls! How does anyone use them? They look HOT! I agree that we need to normalize breastfeeding. I nursed at my friend's daughter's 10th birthday party. My friend didn't care, but another mom comments about my nursing in front of the boys and one dad (who was sitting chatting with my hubbby during the party). I wish she had said something to my face instead of to my friend. I would have liked to have let her know my views. :-)
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All these photos are so beautiful!


I was just listening to Shari Criso's program and was inspired to dig up this photo. It was taken in 1977, of my mom BFing my baby brother, and me my little doll. I love it!


mom and daughter BFing.jpg

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I unfortunately can not post my BFing photos on FB due to my family and friends thinking breastfeeding is obscene but I would love to share them here and I hope some day our society will see BFing as just part of every day life and there is nothing wrong with it.  P1000785.JPG

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Originally Posted by mamadiamond View Post

i love seeing all these gorgeous pics.

i wonder if the facebook content moderators are just super lazy and know that instead of actually having to look for obscene images they could instead just search "breastfeeding" and fill their quota of images/content to get rid of. it seems like the content mods have to be specifically searching for breastfeeding groups/educators.


I don't think this is what happens. Here's what I heard from Jessica at theleakyboob.com. She says that the only time someone actually looks at flagged material is when a copyright violation is claimed. Otherwise, photos are deleted in batches based on the reason given for the flag and is "bot run." In an email to me Jessica said, " That's why this issue is much bigger than breastfeeding.  As breasts are considered "obscene" or "pornographic" by some (and maybe by Facebook if they are nude breasts) then any materials be they art, breast health information or breastfeeding photos is in jeopardy.  The problem is with the system."


So, no one is doing this to us. FB is so big that they have automated systems. I hope we might get a meeting with FB in order to inquire about how they might modify their system so that breastfeeding images, and other images as described above by Jessica, are not designated as obscenity. 


Megan Renner of the United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC) has emailed that the USBC was funded last year by the CDC to take thousands of photos of "breastfeeding support in action." These photos are used in the Surgeon General's Call to Action document, and USBC is getting ready to post a selection of these photos on their FB page. 


I think all of this controversy is evidence that we are, in fact, becoming a breastfeeding culture after all. 


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500 This is me, on Easter morning, feeding my 28 month old son. He was sick, sleepless and miserable with a nasty cold and cough that day. I am so proud that I am still able to provide him with Mama Medicine when he needs it. Weaning has been on my mind lately but days like that make me want to preserve my best parenting tool forever!
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within minutes of being born:)


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April 2011 014.JPG


I had no idea FB did this!!  I am sharing the blog on my page and changing my profile pic to one of me feeding my baby! 



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Just took it today since I realized I had none. Hopefully I'll get more later where we can see our faces. ;) ,#

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I took this pic with my cell phone of DD in the NICU the very first time I nursed her.



Two days old.

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DSCF3227.JPGOkay, so I just noticed....the doctor sewing up my 2nd degree tear in the upper right of the photo while my son latches on for the first time, LOL!!!

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Everyone's efforts to bring attention to Facebook's policies against breastfeeding photos is paying off. Check out this threadthumb.gif

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