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Bacterial Infection

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I had my first doctor's appointment a week ago. I got the results from my urine test and I have a bacterial infection. They said it "can" go away on it's own or I can take medicine if I so choose to.


I called about the medicine and they said if I did opt to take it, it would have to wait until my second trimester (I'm 11 weeks tomorrow).


Would you ladies wait to see if it went away on it's own or would you take the medicine?


The thought of having a bacterial infection grosses me out/worries me, but the thought of taking medicine that focuses on my southern regions where the baby is also worries me. I don't know which one worries me more!


=D Thanks.

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Was it a vaginal bacterial infection, or a bladder infection?  Do you know specifically what it is?


Either way I would start probiotics right away.  If you could be a bit more specific, there are lots of natural ways to treat bacterial infections, depending where they are...

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It's not a bladder infection. It's a vaginal bacterial infection. That's as much as I know. My doctor just sends out letter with results of pap smears and such, so all the letter said was that I had a vaginal bacterial infection. LOL It said that it is "common" in pregnancy. When I called and asked, they said I could get it from sperm or from sitting in the bathtub while I shave... Stuff like that.


They said pills were only necessary if I had physical symptoms. I don't know if I do? I can't decipher between what's pregnancy related or what's not because I've never been pregnant before! LOL


If you know of any home remedies, PLEASE SHARE. I would feel SO much better doing that then taking pills!

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I would hazard a guess that it's Group B Strep.  That can come and go at any time and not cause you symptoms.  You could be negative for it right before you give birth, and not know you're colonized the next day.  It is a tricky thing that doesn't normally cause issues, even for babies, but when it does, it is very bad.


I was positive for it in my first pregnancy, and since I had a CNM at my homebirth she gave me IV antibiotics during labor. UGH.  I hated that and I think it was stupid, but that is my opinion on my situation.  You can treat it with garlic, which is what I did just in case for my next two pregnancies.  Some people do a Hibiclens douche.  I know there have been millions of threads on this, so if it is GBS (and they should tell you! Ask them) then just search I'm Pregnant or Birth & Beyond forums.

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I don't have an answer just disgust that they just send you a letter saying you have an infection that may need medication and don't call and talk to you.. grrrr! I hope you figure it so you don't have to worry either way..

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What do you mean, "treat it with garlic"? I don't really want to douche, because I heard that's bad, as well...


And I agree, Apmama. It is stupid, but the guy I'm using as my OB was my GYNO before I got pregnant and I LOVE him... I just hate his office. :-p

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Check out Aviva Jill Romm's "The Natural Pregnancy Book" for TONS of natural, gentle treatments, including a thorough explanation of the garlic thing - too many for me to retype for you, sorry! My library carries it, but it's a book well worth buying. :)

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Possibly BV?  BV is very common during pregnancy, and when treated with the actual meds it can be recurring.  If it was me (I'm no doc, but Ive had it before) I would treat it with probiotics- both vaginally and orally.  Normally a douche with garlic and probios can be used but I don't think it can during pregnancy. 

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Sounds like bacterial vaginosis to me. I tested positive for it all through my last pregnancy, and tried to treat it with oral and vaginal probiotics, a no-yeast diet, and a strict hygiene regimen - change underwear in the morning and at night, wash undergarments in hot water, wash nether regions twice daily and immediately after sex, absolutely NO synthetic fragrance in anything (which I never do anyway) and limit even natural fragrance, and so on. I didn't take any medication, and it didn't adversely affect my pregnancy, I delivered vaginally 4 days after my EDD. It never entirely went away, and my midwives suspected that I am just one of those people who probably always have that bacteria present, which is gross, but apparently common.


But, you should research the risks of BV before making a decision (and make sure what you have is really BV!). They are mostly premature 2nd trimester labour, though my midwives seemed to think at the time that the scientific evidence was sketchy.  They also weren't as worried about me because I was usually asymptomatic. Symptoms are what you'd expect from a vaginal infection - itching, yellow discharge etc.


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I have just kicked BV's bacterial butt myself. I opted to go ahead and take the prescription- they gave me Flagyl- which is safer in 2nd & 3rd trimesters but I took at 9 weeks. There is also a gel with the same ingredient- metrodinazole I think- but during pregnancy it can force the infection up into the cervical mucous. Bacterial infections can cause risks to the pregnancy- including miscarriage- so I chose to take the risk of the meds over the risk of the infection. Flagyl (2 pills a day for 7 days) is the most common drug treatment for bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy and the safety level is considered acceptable during the 1st trimester. 

I tried yogurt and garlic too, and while I do think it helped keep things under control, and manage the infection at a low level, I think pregnancy has me off so it just wasn't totally effective. Just like with yeast, the bacteria love the higher sugar levels in all the secretions...which also explains why my armpits are so much ranker than usual.

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