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Celebrating Milestones

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i know many of the other babies here are probably ahead of my little girl, but i just was so happy i had to share, my little girl rolled over on Sunday, i'm just amazed to watch her learn, her little body is so determined, it was fun, she got it once and just did it over and over every time we put her face down, thankfully dad walked in and got a video, its sooooo cute

im sure my little boy will figure it out soon



ok thats al the goofy dork parent mode for the night

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Well she is ahead of Hannah. No rolling here. I just got her to tolerate tummy time (on the floor) this past week. It doesn't last too long but she can hold her neck up when we are holding her. 

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Trent had been trying to roll for awhile, but couldn't get all the way there.  This morning he did his first complete roll.  it's so exciting!

he's a big 18 pounder already at 3 months, so it sometimes looks like he should be doing more.  then I remind myself he's only 3 months old. lol

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No rolling here, but we also don't do much tummy time. Lots and lots of smiles and coos though. smile.gif
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Oh wow! I'm so glad to hear Atti's not the only one that does not love tummy time. He screams bloody murder the second it's tummy time. 


So, we don't have too many milestones to report just yet. He did start grasping! He grasped out at a toy, and a dolly instead of just watch me dangle it infront of him.


He's also better about asking for food at night, he used to scream when he was hungry, now he just grunts and I'm quick to satisfy his grunts so that he learns that he gets what he wants and doesn't need to resort to screaming.


He's *much* better at holding his head up now. I'm even thinking about having him face out in the Baby Bjorn.


It's so nice to hear what our babies are doing these days so that I can see if I should be watching out for it for Atti!

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Miles hates tummy time unless there's boob involved. I can get him to tolerate it if I lie down on my back and plunk him on top of me so he can nurse. Our doctor says wearing him upright in a wrap counts too, and he gets tons of that so I'm not fussed about it.




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im pretty worried about getting enough tummy time, since as twins reality dictates that they get put down on their backs way to much. its so hard to wear one around the house when i have to change diapers or pick up and cam the other one.


that being said i still dont so it often enough (tummy time), one of them always seems to want/need to do something different. but we do get a good amount of tummy on tummy lovin' when we are in bed in the morning


DS is still way wobblier than DD despite weighting 2 more pounds than her!




oh and for another cute milestone, they have just started to grab each others hands! they dont really get what they are doing yet, but it is sweet to see

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oh a trick for tummy time, i used a neck pillow like the type you would bring on the airplane for adults and laid them over that with it just under their armpits, it leaves them low enough to the ground that they can still push up more and high enough that even if they let their head drop fast it does not hit the ground (ouch) it also lets them look at more things, i have a kid safe mirror i place right in front of it on the ground, they like that. i also lay down so that my face is right in front of them and talk with them

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