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I don't know how to do this

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Dd2 is idk, teething? She is 20 months and recently got one of her 2 year molars She's woken twice an hour since bedtime. Usual for her is every 1-2 hours. I can handle that, but not this. I simply cannot sleep, not knowing whether I have 15 or 45 mins to do so, and to be honest it's taking all I have not to scream at her or run away. I've given her Tylenol and advil (first time ever for both) but it's not helping. I also had a migraine this evening before this even started. Let's just say that hasn't improved.

It's Easter weekend. We have great activities planned with dd1 in mind. I just don't know how I am going to cope with no sleep, or how I am going to keep the worst of my mental state hidden from DD1 (a very astute 8 year old). DH willingly gets up with DD2 in the morning, but lately (another indication of teething I think), that transition involves much screaming on Dd2's part before she will get up with him. And it's hard (for me anyway) to fall asleep after 7 am when I've been screamed at for a while.

I love both my kids immensely, and wouldn't want to undo having either of them. I just wish that it were easier to be there for BOTH of them. I'm not very emotionally present for the 8 year old at the moment. She was a bad sleeper herself (worse even than DD2), but at least then it was only DH that saw what I went through, and I didn't need to hold it together for him.
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Omg we have the same life, with a few very minor variations. I have a teething young 2-year-old, a 9-year-old who needs me too, migraine headaches, and almost no sleep during this round of teething. I'm napping when the little one naps. My older one goes to school so I'm able to do that. The housework and cooking are getting neglected a bit, but dh is pitching in more than usual so it isn't too bad.

I wish I had more ideas but I'll keep up with this thread.
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