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8 wk old w/cold + bf'ing question

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My 8 wk old has a cold and is really congested - nursing is kind of difficult and frustrating for him. He keeps popping on and off because he's so congested. Is this going to affect my supply? I've had a lot of nursing problems w/DS1 and a bumpy start w/this little guy + his bottom jaw isnt equal with his top and our LC said that makes him work harder because it's not as efficient and to watch my supply because it could dip.


Also, I should know this since he's my 2nd but if he doesn't have a fever, seems generally in decent spirits (still smiles) and the snot is not yellow or green he prob. has a virus even if I brought him in to the doc right? We just moved 1/2 way across the country and he's still insured in the other state, but not here yet and we don't have docs yet (we've been here less than a week)

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I would sit in the bathroom with the shower on super hot so the room fills with steam. That might help his nose.


He probably has a virus, yeah.


If you can, you might pump some. If it DOES affect your supply, you should get it back fairly quickly after he gets over the illness.

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Maybe you could call your old LC and ask?  My understanding is that milk supply isn't altered until there has been a 2-3 day sustained change.  OH the insurance thing is a nightmare.  DS2 has allergies that occasionally interfere with BFing.  Warm baths that get his nose flowing followed with Benedryl (he is much older than your child, though--he's 1) have been the only things that've helped.  No snot sucker helped--and once, in desperation because he was so uncomfortable, I tried to BE the snot sucker.  It didn't work.  Your LO may be adjusting to new allergens in the area, BTW.  Clear mucous is a good sign of that, especially in the absence of other symptoms such as a fever.  My hat's off to you for making it through a move with a 2 month old!  Whoa!  Good luck and take care.

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Have you tried the Nose Frida? http://www.nosefrida.com/

That was the only snot sucker that has worked for us. I, too, once acted as my own snot sucker out of desperation. I held one nostril and the baby's mouth closed and sucked and out it came. Unconditional love is a beautiful thing!
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My 9 wk old has had some congestion for about a wk and I have really good luck with saline drops up the nose. It clears him out enough so he can eat & sleep. 

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Breastmilk up the nose is the best trick I have ever learned! If you can, squirt some up there next time you are nursing and then let him finish eating. If he is still boogery after eating, try the snot sucker, or a nosefrida, or yeah... I've also sucked the snot myself, but never gotten any in my mouth. It works though, and sometimes crazy sacrifices need to be made! lol. The life of a mom.

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