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I think my daughter may be a contender for the exorcist !

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Gracie is a super mellow easy going contented baby. she doesn't really cry often. If shes hungry she will squawk but thats about it. She is eating really well and sleeping well and even spends a bit of time awake at nearly 2 weeks. She makes fantastic eye contact and is super cuddly. granted she probably doesnt cry simply because I rarely put her down.


the problem. She has puked a fair bit a few times now. I think mostly because she sucked down an entire boob that was overfull to begin with. So she ended up guzzling.  the first few times I figured it was just a burp that was under the milk and since she is so young she doesnt have great control over her body yet. well last night She then threw up her entire feeding. heave after heave. all over the both of us. she didnt cry about it, before or after. she was just chill about it. I dont think shes in pain, she seems to be growing and is almost back up to her birthweight. shes 7lbs 2.5 oz as of yesterday. Shes alert and healthy, there are no strange colors to the puke just milk. shes pooping fine. How concerned should I be? anyone else dealing with a puker? I thought at first it might be the chocolate ice cream with nuts I ate, then perhaps the almond butter. at this point I dont know what to think






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I have a spitter/puker, but no answers.  If it were bad reflux, would they be in pain and losing weight? I wonder.

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Could be oversupply, they don't get that full feeling bc they are getting more foremilk which is not fatty and filling like the hindmilk is, so they keep eating. Kellymom.com had some great stuff on oversupply, I did block feeding with dd to tame mine and it helped a lot.
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My little guy had a few episodes at 3 weeks where about once a day he would empty the entire contents of his stomach over the period of several minutes. It freaked me out, I wasn't sure what to do...after day three though it stopped and now he spits up pretty normally. (Whereas before the throwing up period he almost NEVER spit up.)


So I concluded he was probably exiting a growth spurt and my supply hadn't adjusted yet, so his tummy was over full. He was never upset, never phased him...just freaked me out!

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Rachel~ i already block feed because I have an overactive let down and tons TONS of milk. I do also have to pump some off the top if you will in the morning or she hurls .Which will be my pumping time anyway. I have surgery on my kidneys in 10 weeks and need to make sure i have enough stored for her. poor little pumpkin. I wonder if nursing uphill will help her where it isnt happening right after she eats or during but about 3-5 minutes later.


if it were true reflux she would be miserable.( i think) my 3 year old has reflux and he would cry when it came up.

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DDCC here. My first was a puker, like you described, and it was absolutely due to oversupply, overactive letdown and foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. With DD, she was gaining well, peeing and pooping fine, and was never upset by these episodes, and while I worried about them, no one else I talked to seemed concerned. We did have lots of issues later on with nursing strikes and other oversupply problems, but the puking thing was never more than a mess. I know it's disheartening, seeing all that liquid gold end up all over your clothes.  


Sounds like you know what to do with your oversupply, block feeding, nursing uphill, sidelying, pumping off the top when necessary.


Good luck!

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I have a puker.  Though, cross my fingers, he hasn't done it today.  Otherwise, twice a day he empties out his entire stomach contents and manages to soak a blanket and outfit.  It doesn't matter what position he is in.  He's been started on some prevacid so I'm hoping that is kicking in. 

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