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I haven't been really posting much the last few weeks because for the last few weeks I've been cramping and bleeding or spotting almost daily and before that I was having lots of severe cramping. I've been pretty sure I was going to lose this little one almost the whole pregnancy but yesterday I got to see my little wiggle-worm squirming around and looking as perfect as could be and I think it just might stick! Hearing the heartbeat was so reassuring. Then today, right on schedule I had bright red bleeding. *sigh* I guess that's just how things are going to be this pregnancy. I have a subchorionic hematoma pretty close to the cervix so all of my bleeding has been red/pink and can be really alarming but apparently at this point I have a pretty good chance of keeping this kid. Anyone else dealing with this?

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Congrats on seeing the baby and hearing the heart beat!!  That must have been such a relief.  I don't have experience with SCH, but I know there have been a few threads on this in the I'm Pregnant forum fairly recently.  Good luck and sending sticky vibes your way!  goodvibes.gif

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I had a similar SCH with DD and bled bright red on and off from about 6 weeks to about 13. It is so scary and stressful, and frustrating that all you can really do is "take it easy" and hope for the best. Glad you got reassurance! We rented a doppler at about 10 weeks and used that for a while for reassurance. The good news is that most SCH's resolve on their own eventually and then pose no more risk. The rest of DD's pregnancy and delivery were textbook easy and all natural. Hope yours goes away soon!

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I have a SCH with this pregnancy, up high.  They noticed it at my first ultrasound at 6 weeks and told me to expect to bleed, but I have not at all.  At my check up this week they said it actually looked like some of the blood pooling in there had reabsorbed.  I also had one with my last pregnancy, and it was right behind the placenta- that one was much scarier.  With this pregnancy it didn't even freak me out, since I knew that successful  pregnancy was completely possible with a SCH.

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