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Baby Gavin made it here, very slowly!

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Sunday (40w6d) at 2am my water broke and I was waiting for everything to get going.  I got an hour or so of mild ctx every 4 min of so, but then everything stopped.  And stayed stopped.  I went in Monday morning at about 8 am and we had to start pitocin to get things going (water had been broken 30+ hours at that point and no signs of labor starting up).  I was 2cm and 50% effaced and baby was still pretty high -- exactly the same as everything had been a week earlier at my 40 wk appt.


Around 9 the IV went in and within an hour or so I was walking the halls to try to get things going.  AFter we stopped walking, things kicked up a bit and by noon or so I was in active labor and working with the ctx more.  It hadn't been t oo rough up till this point, but I started getting a lot of the ctx in my back as well, and that made it harder, but Dh was great about rubbing my back through it all.  Things were very intense and I was already having the "I don't think I can do this" feeling, I know partially b.c I had it in my head that most times it is too hard to go natural when you've had pitocin.  I was checked and was 6 cm, but could stretch to nearly complete -- time for the tub.


They unhooked the IV and I got in the tub and had a nice break -- the ctx spread out more, giving me some much needed time between them.  Unfortunately, that break didn't really help things keep moving, and my mw wanted to hook up the pit again.  I held off for a while b/c I knew that would make it super intense again and I was having a hard time dealing with the idea of voluntarily making it worse.  My mw said a half hour of pit should do it and I got back in the tub.  I really, really, really wanted to have something to make the pain go away.  I have never seriously considered en epidural while I was in labor, but I brought it up at least twice and was sooooo close to making the final call and doing it.  Logically I knew that it wouldn't really take effect in time to do me any good, but I just needed it to stop.


About 20 minutes into the pit again, I could feel the baby getting lower and when I reached down, his head was only about an inch up there, so I gave a huge push to try to get him out.  I heard my mw ask me to slow down, she had just turned around to get a glove on, but his head was all the way out before she even had a chance to get her hand in the tub.  Another good push and he was out, I couldn't believe he was actually here!  Even more surprising was that I didn't tear (I did with all three others), especially since I certainly didn't slow down to let anything stretch out!


7lbs, 8oz and 20.5 inches long and such a sweet little boy :).  He's my smallest by 11 ounces, even though he was born at 41 weeks.


We're struggling with jaundice right now, but he is just a little love and we are so happy he's here.



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Congrats! Gavin was on our boys list! Love that name!

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YAY!!  joy.gifCONGRATS!!joy.gif

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Hooray! congratulations and welcome Gavin! That's the name of my oldest. Great name :)

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Congrats!!! So glad you didn't tear!

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