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I woke up this morning to the heat kicking on.  It's certainly not warm here yet.  I still don't use a blanket at night though or I'm too hot to sleep. 


Today it feels like my baby is going to blow out of my belly button.  There is so much pressure right there.  The pain is about a 3, but the pressure is bugging me.  Not quite sure what's up with that.  I can't possibly stretch out anymore or I'm going to have stretch marks on top of my old stretch marks.  LOL.


As far as weight gain goes, I've had it go both ways.  It depends on your body and what you're putting in it.  I haven't gained anything since I went on the GD diet, but I piled a lot on early (50 lbs).  I don't expect to gain anything else or maybe just a 3-5 lbs.