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My sister went to pick her son up from daycare, and the woman, who had been long complaining about the length of his hair had cut it.I couldn't believe someone would do that!
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My sister went to pick her son up from daycare, and the woman, who had been long complaining about the length of his hair had cut it.I couldn't believe someone would do that!

She did WHAT??? That's is highly unacceptable....what happened???

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Yup - she cut his hair after complaining about it for a while. My sister doesn't like to make waves and didn't say anything, then called me furious to complain. But she didn't really say anything to the woman, so I imagine she'll get another complimentary cut here after it's grown back in again.
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We never cut our son’s hair until recently. It is super fine, thick, and very ringlet-y. Gorgeous! But very hard to care for and I was the only one who could manage to wash it and comb it out. Everyone wanted to keep it long, but no one wanted to take care of, including DS.


DS decided it was time to cut if and we decided together to do right before he started 1st grade. So he would not confuse people with a huge change in appearance part way through the year.


 What I found very interesting is that DS did not identify himself as having or liking long hair that much. When I showed him photos of boys with long, medium and short hairstyles he only liked the super short ones. Very clean cut, not very spikey or messy. He is very happy with his short hair that is all I care about.


Sure everyone else (wow that hair had a fan base) mourns the loss of the Locks LOL


But to comment on the gender thing…. 99% of people would think he was a girl. No matter what he wore, acted or his name. We just corrected if we cared to and let it slide with strangers. We live in a liberal town so no one was weird or mean about it.



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My youngest (4) has longish hair - not really long because it is curly and he doesn't like me brushing through knots so I keep it above his shoulders.  Had a funny thing though at a play area where somebody several years older pushed him down and he was crying and the grandpa (I think) scolded the older boy about pushing a girl...like it would have been fine to knock him down if they had known he was a boy.  The funny part was that ds through his tears kept telling the man - I an not a girl... 

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My ds (10) decided to grow his hair long after grandma hassled him about getting it cut last summer.  It is very curly, but when wet goes beyond his shoulders.  He had the longest hair of the 4th grade boys, and he liked it.  Tells me he wants to keep growing it.  He also is very sensitive to getting it brushed, which is hard because it is so curly.  In the past, we have had both his and his sister's hair cut short to help with the snaggles, but both want it longer now.    


When ds was a baby, toddler, and child even with short hair in boys cloths, people would call him "her".  He is very pretty.  I have had people ask me, if I was sure he was a boy.  I had an older lady correct me with "her/she" when I have told them he was a boy.  We do not make a big deal about gender, but anatomically, he is a boy.  He also fits many gender stereotypes; just not the pretty face and hair, so I am surprised when people confuse him.  

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Great looking kid! Looks like he takes good care of his hair which keeps the length from being an issue. How's his school teachers' reaction?

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My son had long hair until about a month ago. He loved his hair but the heat was too much for him this year and he asked to cut it. I was a bit reluctant knowing how much he loved it, but he's already talking of growing it out again!

However, I know exactly what you mean. EVERYONE would comment on it and think I was the one keeping it long. Uh, my son has a mind of his own. So obnoxious. I guess not everyone let's their kids think for themselves!

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Thats gotta be a girl my son has long hair as well but certainly doesn't dress in pink girly clothes
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I love long hair on little boys. Petey takes after Daddy and has curly hair. His hair is just above his shoulder, but considerably longer when wet. His hair is pretty unruly too. He has a little side-fringe, it's so cute! I know i'm biased, being his mom and all, but he's so handsome! He loves his hair too.

I'm amazed by the amount of people who call him a girl! We don't like stereotypes. Our son wears pinks and purples, and paints his nails. I've had many people say "Oh she's beautiful". And say "Oh Petey, does it stand for Petuna maybe?"... I too have noticed that people tend to help him more in the park etc. when they think he's a girl. But when he's wearing more boyish clothing other parents will say he's a brave boy, try again and all that. And in the toys r us last week buying typical boys toys the girl at the til said to Petey "Are these for your brother sweetie". He said no, him of course. And I don't think she even realized he was a boy and not a girl. I didn't point it out either. We just brush off the girl comments.

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My son is 6, and has gorgeous blond hair to the middle of his back. LOTS of people think he is a girl. Once, at a city wide garage sale, he was dressed in a camouflage suit, a paintball helmet and mask, and was carrying a large Incredible Hulk, two swords and a plastic machine gun. He was running across the common, waving his weaponry and screaming RAAAAA. And I swear to God, a man laughed and said, "She's quite a little tomboy!"


Mostly adults are sweetly clueless about long haired boys (my favorite are elderly ladies who exclaim over how beautiful my "daughter" is). They're harmless. But on the playground, other kids can be hurtful even when they don't mean to. DS gets asked "Are you a boy or a girl?" daily. We finally hit on a response that doesn't hurt feelings and still gets the :light" to come on in other people's heads.


When the kids say, "Are you a boy or a girl?" DS says, "I'm a boy. Are YOU a boy or a girl?"

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People do assume DS is a girl, he didn't used to mind (or possibly he didn't used to notice) but it's becoming a problem at the moment. How do you all explain it to your boys?

It doesn't help that DS is being assessed for special needs and will not correct people or tell them he is upset.


At school I've asked for a note to be made in the register, after a letter home last year from a supply teacher about how A hurt HERSELF at playtime. Both years the toilets have been a problem as other little boys have said he's using the wrong ones. Arghhh


On the other hand I've taken DD out in one of her few pink frilly dresses, with hairclips etc and been asked how old HE is:lol

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I just love the hair..really cool.


I only wish that I was allowed to have hair like that when I was his age.  Unfortunately that was not the case as my parents were very old fashioned and as such I was forced to keep my hair short.


I would have loved to have hair like that at his age.  your son is a credit to your attitude and I only wish that my parents were like you.  full marks all round here.


does you son still sport his long hair now?

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A very cute boy...I wish my mother was as understanding as you seem to have been...i would have loved hair like that when i was a kid.....Your boy is very lucky to have understanding parents

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Tell me why the public day "she" is such a pretty young lady??
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Is it really that difficult to notice he's a cute long haired boy?
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