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Labor Music

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I was just wondering if any of you had made a labor CD, and what music/songs you put on it?


That's still on my to do list, so I want to get that finished. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


The one song I REALLY love is Lullaby by the Dixie Chicks. Makes me cry every time!! :)



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I actually have two play lists: The get up and dance/move to help labor progress and the more mild "deal with pain" trance music

They're both really long. like 2 hours each. Which kind are you looking for?


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i plan on just having a lot of variety of music available on my ipod, cds, and records...i want to sort out my record collection into stuff i know i'll want to listen to (jim croce, brighteyes, beatles, white stripes, elliott smith etc) and have it all in one place...shouldn't take too long although we do have a lot of records to go through. i am really into these ghostface killah and big boi albums that are on our ipod and i'll probably re-burn some k'naan and chemical brothers etc that have gotten wrecked in our car...i'm not really worried about it. we'll be home and my husband is playing DJ so that will be good.
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I love that Dixie Chicks song, too!  I sing it to DD whenever she lets me rock her at night.


I just started thinking about my labor CD.  I bought the Mumford and Sons CD Sigh No More for it, and that's as far as I've gotten.  I would love to hear other people's suggestions!

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I'm planning in a lot of radiohead, mark lanegan, Elliot smith, etc - probably mostly through my iPhone hooked up to the stereo.
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Since we plan on transferring to the hospital for the actual delivery, our entire music collection is on our MP3.

On the fast list I have a lot of Ben Folds, some Snoop (because it makes me laugh), Pink, Lilly Allen, Aretha Franklin, Green Day and such. It's a pretty wide net. It's mostly anything that I hear on the radio that makes me want to get up and move.

The relaxed list has some Enya, Louis Armstrong, Alicia Keys and such.

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Just going to start this tonight- one of my last things to feel "prepared".  Trance-y, yoga chanting, mixed with some fave pop, folk and rock songs! 

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labor music isn't a huge priority for me this time. I put together an awesome collection of music last time and was hardly even aware that there was music playing while I was in active labor. I don't know that I'll care so much. I plan on having the Ambient station on Pandora playing this time since that seems relaxing to me.

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my friend gave me this cd, called

BlessingWay Songs, by The 2005 Esalen Midwives Retreat Choir

and it is really growing on me. you can listen to one of the songs here:





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I mentioned a need to get that together assuming we'll be at the birth center to dh this wknd and he said something like he'd "put that together for me".... uh... Not so sure of what I'll get if he's trying to figure out what *I* want to hear in labor, lol! But there's a particular Celtic playlist that's a must have for me, though I usually listen to it more post-birth, and then like SallyNichole, I need at least two different playlists, one dreamy and soothing, one more booty-shaking, and frequently one more sort of adolescent-rage inspired, haha. I should get one that's a bit more upbeat than the dreamy/soothing list, but not quite as motivating as the other two as well. I need to dig through some of my mix cds and maybe upload some of that to dh's iTunes so he can put what I want on his iPod.


Though... like MrsBone, I'm not sure how much difference it will make. With dd I didn't care. With ds, we were in the tub room sort of unexpectedly and we needed more variety than I planned for since I didn't care much with dd - I was just so relaxed with the tub it would've been nice to have more options. So.. this time I'm trying to prepare for all possibilities basically.

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