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I'm hoping that you smart and connected mamas can help me brainstorm. I weaned my son almost three months ago when I started cancer treatment. He had been exclusively BFd up to that point. I was able to source out milk donors at that time so he was weaned to donor breast milk. Unfortunately we've lost some of our original donors and have not been able to make up for what they had been providing. We were gifted two freezer stashes last month which bought us some time, but I have not been able to get enough ongoing donors or future freezer stashes to meet his need, and at the rate we're going I have maybe a week or two to work something out before we'll have to supplement with something.


To complicate matters, my son can't seem to tolerate any "solid" foods (thinned purees, fork mashed anything, small bits of apple that he gnaws off, etc). He cries, gags, vomits, or just ejects any food that enters his mouth. If he could eat for some of his calories/nutrition I think that we could maybe make due with the milk we're receiving right now but he can't. We're going to have him evaluated in about a week to see why he can't eat and hopefully work with a professional to help him with his eating, but in the meantime he needs a lot of milk and I sincerely want to provide it for him (my DDs both have multiple food intolerances and I shudder to think what soy, milk, etc. formulas would do to him).


Anyway, I've tried Eats on Feets (have some great donors from there), Human Milk for Human Babies, Milkshare, Craigslist, networking through friends, and reaching out to local AP groups. I'm stumped for other avenues to explore. Does anyone have any experience getting donor milk from other sources that I may have overlooked? Can anyone suggest a stone I may have left unturned?


I really appreciate your help.