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Nursing TTC and weird chart.....

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Would some of you wonderful ladies take a look at my chart and tell me what you think??


My DS is 10 months old and I've felt like I've been gearing up to O for a couple of months.  I know we're in the normal rage for LAM, but I thought I'd have my period back by now.....  DS loves his solids, though does nurse frequently still joy.gif that's not something we want to change.  I'm at school 35-40 hours a week and pump 1-2x while away from him to send ~8 oz to daycare a day.


So I started temping 2 months ago and recently got crosshairs from FF.  No period is sight and BFNs greensad.gif.  I really thought I Oed..... and my temps have been more "regular" right before and since the rise on this chart.  Prior to that they were up and down just hugely random. does it look like maybe I didn't??? any thoughts from more experienced charting mamas?


I temp before I move around/ get up, about the same time of day but sometimes an hour later on weekends and DS is in bed with us so I'm getting more than the requisite number of hours without getting in and out of bed.




Lets try this again:


 I don't know why I have such trouble with links....


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The link does not work. I do know that the body can have a couple "fakeout" ovulations before doing the real thing. Maybe this is what happened to you. I can't really say anymore till I see your chart though

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Hmmmm... I see why you got crosshairs- the dip in temp with EW and then a jump.  There's also a suspicious dip later on that could be implantation.  However, you're 17 DPO and getting BFN... do you normally take a while to test positive?  Did you test again today? 


Otherwise I would normally say that temps fluctuating like that with multiple patches of EW would indicate O did not happen yet.  Your temps are quite low... is this normal for you?  Do you have past charts to compare to?  The reason I bring this up is b/c for me, pre-O temps never go above 98 and LP temps rarely dip below 98 so I can be more confident I caught O.  With temps barely above 97 and fluctuating so much I wouldn't be confident in FF's assessment, especially since you haven't had a pp AF yet, you're bfing, and co-sleeping.  That jump could have been a rough night where you got less sleep?  To me it looks more like your body is gearing up to O and hasn't quite made it happen yet.


But I might test again in a week, especially if other symptoms arise!

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Thanks smile.gif


This morning BFN and FF took away my crosshairs.  I guess I did not in fact ovulate.  To answer your questions, my temp was usually low but not THAT low prior to having my DS (baby number 1, pregnancy number 2).  My cover line used to sit at 97.1 ish.  I have a few other months, that I can't post since I'm not a VIP member, but not enough to help.  I tested positive early on both prior pregnancies, DPO 9 and DPO 10.


I had split my chart to make it easier to read since prior to the past 20 days or so my temps were wicked erratic (more so than recently).  I've put it all back together so you can see it if you'd like. Maybe O is right around the corner....  I'd be nice, we have some time constraints that will make us stop trying soon and have to wait another 7-8 months before thinking about it again.

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Yeah, when you look at the chart as a whole it's easier to see how the spike thought to indicate O is just another erratic temp.  But I see a new patch of W CF and CP is HS, so looks like your body is trying again!

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Just a quick whine greensad.gif Super nauseous today so I peed on my last stick "just on case" - of course BFN and now I feel silly.


Oh well, I hope my body actually ovulates soon, since I think you're right Jaimee, my chart looks like my body is trying.

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Sorry about the nausea and the BFN... don't feel silly- we've all been there!  :)  Just keep DTD through all these patches of W and EW and you might catch that O.

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