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I would like a friend in NOVA :)

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i just moved here, and all of my friends are 3+ hours away... everyone i've met i've had nothing in common with as far as parenting lifestyle etc goes, which is fine.  but it would be nice to have some friends for ds and myself which are similar in that area.  i live around fort belvoir.  ds is 4.  feel free to pm me! 

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Are You still in the Fort Belvoir area? I am re-locating there in April 2012. Hoping to meet similar like-minded parenting. Coming from Oahu, Hawaii. I have two boys-ages 3 and 5. Homeschool. Vegetarian family though I am Vegan. 

If You are no longer in the area, do You have any suggestions or advice of places I may make some connections? Thanx.

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I just moved to the Ft. Belvoir area last summer. It has definitely been tough meeting new people. I am a younger, soon to be mom. I would love to find someone that I get along with here. It would definitely make my time here a lot better :] I was vegan/vegetarian prior to getting pregnant.

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  1. i will move there sometime next year. I wouldlove to connect with everyone before we move to the area to get the scoop on all things natural and most of all to make some like minded friends. Please message me. i am thinking we will end up in Sprinfield or Fairfax somewhere, but not sure yet where we will rent. I'm planning to visit in the spring to get to know the area better before we actually move out.
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Hi Americastamps!


We're in the Fairfax area and are glad we chose it.  Lots of good parks and playgrounds and children's activities here and in nearby Vienna.  Do let us NoVa mamas know when you end up in the area!  Best of luck with your move!

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Have you checked out Meetup?  They host in real life groups for all kinds of interests, and they are fabulous at connecting members with common interests.  You might search the Meetup site for "natural moms" or something like that and you can indicate your location.


There is also an active Families for Natural Living group in NOVA.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NOVA-FamNatLiv


Good luck!

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