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how do you make friends?

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i mean, besides going to the park and striking up conversations.  i'm a lone wolf, i'm fine alone but i'd like ds to have like real friends (he's 4) so how do i do this? or at least find similar moms.  i have a bunch of friends with kids his age but we moved, and theyre about 3+ hours away!  are there any websites, tips you might have for me?  



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Look on Meetup.com 


I started a natural parents group and I've met some really lovely people from there! Also try your areas holistic moms group :) 

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I am not a very social person and stay pretty busy at home with my kids.  I just want to encourage you to be a friend to others.  I've noticed that when I am a good neighbor and am aware of other people around me being a good friend ends up being better than getting friendship from other people.  


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I have made several great friends from my hospital's breastfeeding support group, and other moms at my son's school.  I don't typically strike up conversations at the playground, but when I see the same people more than once, I'm more likely to talk to them.


I agree that Meetup.com is a great resource because you can try to find a group that fits whatever your interests are, whether it be natural parenting, breastfeeding, photography, political activism, whatever.

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Look online for a moms' group near you. There are free social activities for you and your son for a pretty small yearly fee.


If you're feeling shy about going to big places with lots of people that you don't know, maybe they have a book club. My moms group has one, and I love it.


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Thank you ladies!  I found one meetup group near me, and on yahoo groups found an unschool group and a natural parenting group :)

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