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Frequently sick during AF

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I posted this in general health, but thought I might post here, too, as we're all so focused on our cyclical well being!


I was sick recently - fevery, sore throat, achey (not nearly as bad as a flu, but enough to keep me home from work) - when I realized that the last time I was sick was also 3 days into my period. I checked through all my records and found that EVERY time I've gotten sick, it happend on CD 3-6 . Six times in the last 2.5 years I've been sick, and always during AF.


I'm SURE any doctor would say it's a coincidence, but I'm sure it's not. I just don't know where to begin my investigation. Any advice or thoughts on the matter would be helpful.


Oh, and I think this began after I had my DS - who is now almost 4. Granted, he brings a lot of germs into our house, way more than I might normally have been subjected to... but the timing is the fascinating part to me. Oh, and this, I've been trying to conceive another baby for 1.5 years with no success.


Wondering if something subtle is going on.... TIA!

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It certainly is interesting timing, but it may be something as simple as your immunity is lower during AF as it is with a lot of women.  I know I tend to get sick during AF as well, though not always.  How are your iron levels?

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I got wicked ill during my last period.  Scary high temps that sent me to my dr.  I was afraid that it was toxic shock from tampons -- and he said, no, symptoms didn't match (I didn't have abdominal pain).


But he DID say that the immune system is slightly depressed during menstruation and that my be why the virus will knocked me out.  



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You could try boosting your immunity during AF with vitamin D supplements, echinacea, and megadoses of vitamin C (like calcium ascorbate powder).  It would be interesting to see if it made a difference!

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As soon as I noticed the pattern, I started an immune-enhancing protocol 3 days before AF. I'll report back in a few months with my results!


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