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Do you drink coffee? if so, how much? if not, why? - Page 5

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I love coffee! For me its not related to the caffeine because I will happily drink decaf (I know its never 100%) and can and have functioned without coffee. I love the taste, the smell, the culture, trying coffee from different countries.


I drink a coffee inthe morning and one in the early afternoon (small espresso sized cups). However I make italian coffee. I have read that it actually has less caffeine. Something to do with caffeine being water soluable and the coffee in the italian caffeteria (kettle-like coffee maker) doens't actually spend that much time in the water pushed through. Unlike American/German coffee machine where the coffee steeps in the water until the water drips through. I have not validated this though. =)

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I was drinking and enjoyed Yerba Mate at one point in time, however, once I researched it in depth and weighed and pro's and con's I decided to stop drinking it for my health.  


What are the cons of Yerba Mate?  I had wondered this myself..but most have all good things to say about it.


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I don't drink coffee because coffee is a highly addictive substance, and as I'm not already addicted to it, I have no interest in courting an addiction. I'm going back to college in the fall, and I know that a lot of people get addicted to coffee in college, but I'm going to avoid coffee as much as possible (I will drink it sparingly, very very rarely when I "need" the caffiene, but like a few times a year), and not make it a regular habit.
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I drink ~ 2 cups a day. One at breakfast and one after I arrive at work.


I avoid coffee & all caffeinated drinks after 2pm (since I entered my 40s it seems to interfere w/ my sleep).


I enjoy the taste and I enjoy the buzz & I have since I was in my teens.

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I really enjoy a cup of good coffee and iced coffee in the summer.  I don't drink it everyday, but this morning I had two cups. . .just sounded good.  Now that it's warm out, I make a pot of coffee and put it in the fridge in jars with a little sugar and some half n half.  I'll drink this throughout the week.  I also enjoy drinking green tea and black tea. . .hot or iced.  I can't stand the water where I live, so I have to mix it with something to drink it (we have a Brita, but I still don't like the water taste).

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I'm still wondering what the cons of mate are... I've just never heard of anything outside of the caffeine content shrug.gif which is still lower than coffee. Does anyone have some facts about it?

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I believe the main issue is low birth weight but the effect doesn't show up until at least 300 mg/d. 



Ah - probably not a problem for me, then. My smallest (ds1) was 7lb. 12ox. Three of the others were over 10 pounds, and my last was 9lb. 15oz. DH's family doesn't build them small. lol.gif

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Wasnt my problem either. I was more afraid of having big babies than small

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