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Reusable PRODUCE bags

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I'd like to stop using plastic baggies for the produce section and sew a bunch of reusables. What would be a good fabric choice? I've seen mesh ones, but I can't imagine them keeping the lettuce and spinach from drying. May be some kind of nylon? What do you think?


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I've been using a cotton ones, muslin type, and they've worked out fine.

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I have mesh ones that I bought from Publix that work great for getting the produce from the store/market to home.  I store some things in the bags but most other stuff gets stored in bowls (oranges, mangos, etc.) and I store the lettuce in the salad spinner.

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I found organic hemp at the fabric store in smallish pieces and got a great price on it. I sewed it up into different size bags with a twine drawstring. It holds the produce fine, stores it well, and washes out clean. I heard somewhere that it's naturally mold and mildew resistant, which I thought would work well with produce...

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We have six cotton string bags with drawstring closures. We got them ages ago at the Container Store for something like $0.99 each, and I haven't seen them since. They work great - we've never had a mold issue storing damp produce in them in the fridge, and after a couple of uses they can go right into a regular load of laundry. Kind of wish I had picked up more of them when I had the chance.

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I have these Flip & Tumble bags, which are polyester mesh. They're great, the only down side is that it's somewhat tough to see a sticker attached to a piece of fruit or veggie, though.
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I don't use bags. Produce goes into the basket/cart naked. When I get home it either goes naked into the crisper drawer or goes into a pastic or glass container with a lid to stay moist. The only exception is the rare instance I am buying lots of small produce like mushrooms or snap peas. Then I use the plastic bags they provide but I also recycle them after use, so at least they don't end up in the trash. But about 98% of stuff I used to bag, like onions, lettuce, broccoli, and celery, is really fine without the bag. I figure I'm going to wash it anyway, so what is a little bit more dirt going to hurt?
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I don't use bags, either.  I bought a couple muslin produce bags, but I think they're more work than they're worth. 


Green beans are a bit of a challenge bag-free, but...I've done it!

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