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seven. centimeters. 


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Ryleee - I cannot wait to hear about your upcoming birth. All 22 minutes of it. ;)

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Originally Posted by kawa kamuri View Post

I know how but I'd literally have to put my entire hand inside my vagina to reach orngtongue.gif

when I do it I usually have to use three fingers, otherwise I can't get near enough reach. Perineal massage and, as crazy as it sounds, DIVA CUPS helped me learn how to identify and relax the muscles around my vaginal opening... a skill that literally took me well over a decade to learn! Prior to that, I suffered with pretty severe and debilitating vaginisms that completely prevented that, as well as tampon use and often even sex. :(  I always thought massage was for stretch control, but it's actually more for helping you find and learn the muscles in the area, which in turn can help make birth easier as it can effect the way you push as well as how tightly you might 'hold on' when experiencing the pain of crowning.

Without that skill I'd never be able to do it!  And well... TMI, but having more control of that area (including the ability to loosen up at will) really really makes certain other activities a lot more fun and adventurous. mischievous.gif

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I'm amazed at how much you guys can determine! I have no idea what I'm feeling up there. I do feel the baby's head, but through the vaginal wall, not the cervix. I have no idea how to tell how dilated I am.

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Originally Posted by ryleeee View Post

seven. centimeters. 


If I were you, I'd be sticking fairly close to home today. LOL!


Originally Posted by littleteapot View Post

Ryleee - I cannot wait to hear about your upcoming birth. All 22 minutes of it. ;)

Yep, exactly! Don't stand up too fast or the baby will fall out!




I checked last night and I could reach my whole cervix and I was at a 2, easily stretchy to a 3. A little bit of extra goo on the TP this morning that was tinted brown. Considering the fact that I got to the hospital at a 3-4 with my first two kids, this is progress!


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Jenni: I've been getting so much brown gooey plug!! UGH! It's so gross! Two continuous weeks of it. Mostly in dribs and drabs but about four times now I've had MASSIVE blerghs of it just sort of sit there. Including three episodes of bloody show (1.5 weeks ago, 1 week ago, and a few days ago).

The last time I was sitting on my bed naked and got up to the bathroom, and when I came back I saw this huge pile of brown slop on the bed and told my husband one of the cats had vomited on the sheets while I was gone!  Kind of embarrassing realizing it was not the cat, it was me. Ew.

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hahahahahahahaha. man that is so gross and hilarious at the same time. 

yes i am a little nervous that she could come at any moment...then again i was 4 cm dilated on the 11th and at my appt wed the midwives checked me and i was 7, and they fully expected her to be born within a day. well 2 labour "cocktails" (fuck those. never again) later and all i had to show for it was an empty system. oh well. ONE DAY she'll come. right? haha.


and barf. i've been losing tons of mucous plug. it could be from the membrane sweep, but it's been 72 hours now and it's picking up, i think. lots of brown/yellow/bloody/disgusting mucous. ALL THE TIME. seriously i had no idea my body knew how to produce so much ;) 

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slow and steady here. another week another 1/2 cm. still no effacement.

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Last time I checked, yesterday, I was a little more dilated than before. Still at maybe 1 cm (which is fine, believe me, I'm only 36w). It was ridiculously cool just to feel that, though! I'm a dweeb. Not sure how to measure effacement but I think I might be slightly more effaced.

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I tried to reach yesterday, I'm used to checking for FAM though I haven't touched my cervix since I've gotten pregnant. It was high, seemed to be tilted backward and so suuuper soft it was hard to tell I had actually found the thing! It felt wider and of a lower profile, too, but I didn't go poking my fingers in to see if I was dilating. I've got an appointment with the OB today, we'll see how that goes. I haven't been in almost 3 weeks. I'm 37 weeks, 5 days today.

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I had my midwife check me yesterday, so it was fun to compare my own estimations with hers! :) I said 3-4cm and she said a very stretchy 3cm. I said maybe 50% effaced and was actually almost 90%!

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Well, I think I had some change.  None in dilation of effacement but my cervix was clearly lower last night and easier to reach.  So, thats something I suppose. 

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I don't get what is going on with me... some days I can reach my cervix just fine, some days it is almost impossible to reach and it's like there's this protrusion of bone on the back wall that I have to reach around. Is my cervix supposed to change positions at this stage of the game? Like on a weekly basis? Forth and back, and forth again?

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??? Cervices are weird!


I can only feel mine now if I sit on the toilet and put my leg up on the ledge of the bathtub so if you have a small bathroom like I do you could try that position.

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Mine keeps disappearing.  Not a whole lot seems to be happening but that's ok with me because I'm not quite ready for this little guy to join us.  

But somedays it's really easy to reach, just feels soft maybe opening a little big on the outside, but not all the way through.  Then other days, i can feel the baby's head through the vaginal wall, and the cervix is pushed way far back.  

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I asked my OB to check me (she doesn't unless you ask her) and I'm 1 cm dilated at 36 weeks.  I actually kind of thought I might be more with all the crazy BH contractions I have been having!  I still cannot get my fingers up there far enough, so I'm just going to let her do it.  :P

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i've kind of given up on the checking. shy.gif every time i get in there, i can't reach well enough and i end up feeling just inadequate. ah well. i'll just add it to my list of life's mysteries!

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1cm at 36 weeks is a lot!! :-D


And yes, it's normal for your cervix to migrate around! Some days I can't reach mine at all, others it's way easier. That 'bone' your'e feeling may either be your coccyx, or your rectum if you have to go to the bathroom.

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Finally some change!  I have effaced a little.  Hey, its something!  I never dilate anymore until actual labor but I hear that is normal for 2nd or more time moms, to efface before dilation, where first timers may tend to dilate first. 


No dilation still, no mucus at all shedding even after I check.  Maybe something is finally going on.  Tomorrow is my due date but I hate this feeling like nothing is even close to happening, ugh.  And to think, I was so patient a week or so ago, lol.

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How are you measuring if you have effaced?  

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