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Hello, moms - I delivered a healthy baby boy on April 12th but had some internal tearing that took several hours for the OBGyn to find and repair, which led to some significant blood loss. I received a blood transfusion but still left the hospital with very low iron and hemoglobin levels. Once home, I came down with a fever and cough for 3 days.  The lactation consultants at the hospital told me these two events probably caused my milk supply to come in slowly and at a reduced amount.  Add to that the fact that my son was born tongue tied and had a hard time latching, and he demands the instant gratification of fast flow milk or else he rejects the breast, and we've got the perfect storm for failed breast feeding.  It is really important to me to try nursing him so I'm doing everything I can to boost my milk supply (herbs, iron, constant breast pumping  etc).  Next on my list is a drug called Domperidone or Motilium.  I ordered it yesterday from a pharmacy overseas but it may take up to 2 weeks to get here. I don't feel like I can wait as I've noticed a precipitous drop in my milk supply in recent days and I worry I'm approaching a tipping point.  If you know anyone with Motilium on hand that wouldn't mind sharing with me until I can replace them with my order, I would be so grateful.  I'll pay whatever it takes for the pills, shipping, whatever. I'm hoping this request will find the right person who can help me at this critical time.  I live in Harpers Ferry, WV but would happily drive anywhere in the DC/Baltimore area.  Thank you so much for any help you can provide!  ~Stephanie