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Newborn Eye Ointment?

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I've never had chlamydia or gonorrhea nor has my husband, so Im passing up this test in my baby... but I was reading this article on Gentlebirth regarding WA State bullying a midwife into HAVING to administer it.... otherwise notify CPS?????




Washington State Makes a Mockery of Informed Consent for Eye Ointment

I am required by law to administer erythromycin to the NB's eyes. I made an informed consent sheet my clients could sign if they refused the treatment. When I was given a routine QA review by my malpractice ins they said I could not offer the informed consent. They said the only way I could not legally administer the treatment was to be physically impeded by the parents from doing so and then my obligation was to inform CPS of the incident. Needless to say, I quit offering the informed consent but I have not called CPS on any parents. I believe this to be a no win situation for me. 


I dont know how long ago this was but it makes me absolutely LIVID!!!! Has this issue happened with any of you? UGH!

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I’m always peeved when I hear about the overworked and underfunded CPS being contacted over frivolous cases like this when they could instead be focusing on infinitely more unconscionable evils that children suffer….you know, REAL abuse!  irked.gif


I was reading elsewhere on MDC (Birth and Beyond maybe?) about a midwife who played the game while still protecting informed consent.  She put the goop on babies’ eyebrows.  Pretty clever.mischievous.gif   

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WOW, thank you for the link to the article! I follow CPS issues closely.


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OK. Then you may enjoy this too. This is about the girl in Detroit, MI who had got caught up on her vaccines so she could go to school, had  reactions and then was drugged to control the reactions. The mother did not like the way the daughter acted when on the drugs.  She stopped giving her the meds.  The doctor called CPS. CPS arrived with the police.  Well, ...



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side note, I live in WA state, and was able to refuse eye goop for both my hospital birth and my homebirth without anyone batting an eye, so I don't think it's a current issue here. 

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not yet.  these are all in the planning stages.  

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