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moving to san diego soon

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My husband has taken a job in La Jolla and we will be moving from Indiana very soon. It is so exciting it is almost nauseating if you know what I mean. I am looking for all sorts of suggestions and information.

About us:
- 5 children ages 3-14.
- prefer a vibrant community to live in - area or neighborhood suggestions welcome
- would like to minimize commute time as our budget allows but we do have budget

I am still unclear on many details relating to schools, particularly K-5. I have homeschooled until this year and am open to it again but I know the older two will be in school, commuting with dh. We currently live in an area with neighborhood schools and the younger two walk 4/10 of a mile. The older two have a walk of about a mile and often get a ride on account of the dark and musical instruments and other excuses.

I suppose this isn't much info about us. I am willing to answer more questions. I have dates picked out to visit in May assuming I can make arrangements for everyone here and I am having a hard time even picking a hotel. bag.gif Thank you for any help.
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A few looks and no feedback so perhaps I was too vague. We have suggestions flying at us from a variety of people. Our real estate agent here lived in SD before he had a family, my father's friend, my sil has a lab-mate from work that has lived there, etc. The suggestions are many and varied making it that much more difficult so I thought I would ask for another point of view. Hillcrest, Ocean Beach, Poway, La Mesa, Del Cerro, and Clairemont have all been mentioned.

I want to be reasonable as to what we can afford, schools do matter, and we will be renting until we get a better feel for things and our home here sells. Hillcrest has captured our imagination. Poway seems to have good schools but I am wondering if I wouldn't find it isolating?

We would like to meet our daily needs (grocery, library, parks/playgrounds for hanging out,a place where I can run solo or with the jogger) in the neighborhood other than his commute (for which shorter is better).

We will be visiting in a couple of weeks to house-hunt.
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Hi!  I live in the Ocean Beach/Point Loma area and also have five children!  We have lived here since 1996 but are native to Southern California.  Out children have attended a local private school up until now but in July I will begin homeschooling my youngest four.


I would love to chat with you more extensively to try and get a feel for what you are looking for and what your plans are (rent/buy?).  Can you give me an idea of budget for monthly rent/mortgage?  You can PM with any questions and I will gladly tell you what I know.  I would love to have another mama with a ton of kids.  There aren't that many of us out here!

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I don't know that I can add much to the pp, but here's my .02. Hillcrest & Ocean Beach are the most conducive to the alternative / non-traditional mindset. Ocean Beach has the People's Coop, which is probably the only real food coop around here. Hillcrest caters more to the gay community, and may not be as family oriented as some other neighborhoods. (That is not meant to be a criticism; it's just something to be aware of, depending on what you are looking for.) OTOH,  Hillcrest is close to Balboa Park, which has tons of museums. Also, Hillcrest & Ocean Beach are south of La Jolla, and may not provide the best commute.


Poway is heavily white, affluent, & suburban, and the schools reflect that. The schools are good on academics, but maybe not the most diverse. Poway does have a good library, playgrounds, and grocery stores. It is also near some good nature preserves, so if your family likes hiking, they may enjoy that. I lived there before having a child, so I am not certain, but I believe there may be good resources for homeschoolers, especially at the library. The mindset of the community leans toward the conventional, but they do have two La Leche League groups, including a toddler group.


Anyway, I hope you find what you are looking for. Good luck!

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Thank you! I am working on a pm while trying for bedtime here.
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CatsMom, What you have to say about Poway is exactly what I am worried about. Hmmm, we are not interested in the suburbia of our nightmares (the reality may be very apealling, who knows?). We do however need good options for education. These two things need balancing. Our next trip out will be very informative.
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Where will you DH be comuting to? San Diego is pretty spread out.


We live in Escondido. North County has a great AP presence (playgroup, LLL, RDA, babywearing meetings, etc). The schools vary a lot depending on what city you're in though, Escondido is not great (we use a charter school) however San Marcos and Carlsbad are good.

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The AP presence in North County is good to know about. He will be commuting to La Jolla.

I have been doing tons of information seeking but in the end I know dh and I are emotional decision makers. We can take our time but we tend to go with our gut, not a weighted list of pros and cons.

All the tidbits coming my way are very helpful and appreciated, thank you.
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We recently moved from NY to SoCal and my husband commutes to La Jolla too.  We had no idea about locations when we found out we were moving and had two weekends to look.  We wanted something very different than what we were used to in NY (lots of woods and remote) and ended up in Encinitas.  I really like it here but the commute is a little long (we did not think 20 minutes would be bad but it is all highway and can easily turn in to 45 if the traffic stinks.  Plus, my husband commutes w/DS2 so they get to use the hov lanes).  We have 3 dogs and they were a big factor in choosing locale too...  They had the hardest time adjusting :(  We used the web site sdlookup.com which I found very helpful.

Anyway - we've been here only since August and I am just now finding out about the AP groups.  There are lots of moms groups and tons of playgrounds, parks, things to do no matter where you live though... 

As far as schools, I can't really help on that one. DS2 goes to private since that is where my husband works and...truthfully...I am not thrilled with the education there either.  We are investigating homeschooling as we contemplate #4.  Crazy?  Um, yes.  Lol.


Good luck to you!

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All you wondeful San Diego moms! We need our village and I'm hoping this forum will help out. We are an alternative family with 3 children, aged 2, 3, and 6. We homeschool and things can get pretty bleak. To put it bluntly: we need friends!


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I too am moving from Indiana to San Diego in July, for a job my husband got in La Jolla.  How funny is that.  We need to rent, hopefully our house in Indiana will sell first too. We are trying to decide if we should rent in UTC or Clairemont. Do you all have any opinions about which neighborhood would be better?

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Rachel, a trip to look at neighborhoods is irreplaceable. I know, duh! In my mind we are looking at areas just like I described but it is not where the agent thought I described. The surprise to me is that the rental market is for immediate availability. I thought mid-May was too late for July 1 yet it was too early. I don't feel comfortable enough in any of my information to make recommendations at this point but want to siwh you luck.

I am anxious to move and start building a life - so many things to do that just have to wait. On the flip side there are many tasks here that I would rather not face.
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