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domperidone questions

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My daughter is almost 1 and I do not plan on weaning her anytime soon but I have been on 30mg 3x a day for the last 10 months, just wondering if anyone has experience weaning from domperidone slowly. She really doesnt eat that much yet but I figure the more she eats the less I need to take. 

Also, I havent had a period since I started taking it and I have been crampy for almost a week, and now my nipples are tender so I think my body is trying to cycle again, any tips on how to let that happen? 

I can find so much info on starting domperidone but nothing about menstration or weaning off of it. Thanks!

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Jack Newman has a handout on weaning from domperidone: http://www.drjacknewman.com/help/Domperidone%20Stopping.asp.  Basically, he recommends weaning from one pill at a time, taking the new dose for 4-7 days, then dropping another pill.  You'd want to keep the # of pills relatively constant over the day, so instead of weaning all 3 evening doses, you'd wean one from the evening, one from the mid-day, and one from the morning, if that makes sense.  If at any point you notice a change in supply, you can increase back up to the # of pills just before the supply dip.  Many moms, once supply is up to a stable level, don't need to continue at the high dose of dom, but can cut back or even completely eliminate it & baby's nursing will maintain supply.


I don't know if the domperidone is affecting your cycles.  It's not uncommon for breastfeeding moms to go a year or more without menstruating.  I would think it more likely that your DD's nursing frequency & solids intake has simply reached a point where your body isn't receiving enough hormone stimulation to prevent ovulation.  If so, then you don't have to do anything, you'll probably have a period in the next few weeks.  Some women do have "silent" ovulations for a month or two without menstruation when fertility returns.  You may be noticing this (ovulation).  Dips in supply and nipple sensitivity are also common around ovulation and menstruation.  From my own experience, this evens out over time & it's the first few cycles that are the most noticibly uncomfortable.  If you do experience supply fluctuations, kellymom recommends a Calcium/magnesium/zinc supplement (http://www.kellymom.com/herbal/natural-treatments.html#calcium) that might help.

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Thanks for responding. I had my cycle back already  before I started the dom, my prolactin levels were really low so thats why I stayed on the dom for this whole time. I got my period at 6 w pp with all 3 kids, never supplemented even once and my sister is the same way so somehow we have a glitch :( I had my thyroid checked and thats when I found the low prolactin. It was 18 which is normal for a non nursing/ non pp woman, it should have been around 200 from what kellymom said. I have lowered my does so I guess I will just have to pay close attn to find the right dose. Thanks!

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I weaned off Dom after taking it for about a year. I used the Newman protocol listed above and it worked fine. My son was about 15 months and was just starting to eat solids more consistently so I was less nervous about my supply. It worked fine. We continued to nurse with no issues. He's still nursing now twice a day and I'm 40 weeks (!!) pregnant :)

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I had the same problem with getting my period back at 8 weeks PP and low supply and am on domperidone. I've found that if I stop taking it altogether, my supply vanishes, but I can get by on a lot less now-- I take 20-30mg twice a day instead of 30 3x a day. My daughter is 10 mos. and eats solids well. I will probably keep taking it until we wean (probably at 2) because it kills my nipples to nurse without milk. 

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